Potential Transactions

Potential Transactions:

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#527 Katie Crotzer#134 Steve FithianInterestedInterested in knowing more about this property. Can bring in investors/$$$
I can also have 12 years experience in short term and mid term furnished rentals. I am a superhost with airbnb, vrbo.
Would be interested in management of those units to increase value
#163 Bryan Neal#627 Haydn ZeisInterestedHaydn - Just putting the Mishawaka office building back in front of you. Let me know if you would like to revisit a potential transaction, and any questions you may have.
#569 Benjamin Kogut#110 John P. BrennanPackageInterested
#130 Jon England#682 Kayla MahoneyPackageTaker
#301 Blake Allen#612 Jim SmallFull Backup PackageTakerIf there is some way that you can take paper for this or any asset in disposition, I am a taker. I think there should be many deals we can do. Adding a lender who will work with me will make it easier for all of us, and deliver cash.
#301 Blake Allen#547 Phillip GravesFull Backup PackageInterestedThis would be a JV with you doing most of the work. I can help with paper and financing. Getting the tenant is the key.
#569 Benjamin Kogut#579 Brent Miller CCIM CPMPackageInterested
#173 Noah Ruggieri#123 Jason DillardPackageInterested100% financing at 0% on the payments based on 25% of the gross receivables until it's paid off.
#301 Blake Allen#534 Jen EndersonFull Backup PackageTakerIf I like the property, I might give 2 duplexes. I would want to lease them back and buy them back. I could deliver fee simple and they will go to cash ASAP. I need you to be boots on the ground, or someone.
#301 Blake Allen#547 Phillip GravesFull Backup PackageTakerI would turn this all to paper and help him move up--or he could leverage the notes to buy more stock. I can help him move the notes to other property. Don't forget 1031paper. I can sho the path to cash.
#592 Kristin Pelatti#139 Nicholas HakimPackageInterested
#627 Haydn Zeis#158 Jason MittmanOther (Explain Below)Interested in being boots on ground.InterestedWe syndicate in Ohio and are only an hour away from this property. This is one of our niche asset classes, would be interested in co gp roll. We can raise capital, manage the entire deal, sign debt, etc.
#527 Katie Crotzer#301 Blake AllenInterestedplease send p & l along with deferred maintenance and interior photos
#527 Katie Crotzer#602 Zach RoesingerI am following up on your interest in Lakeview Landings. Love to hear your ideas
#527 Katie Crotzer#101 Marilee AndersonThank you for sharing your experience!! Love to talk to you more about opportunities!!!
#527 Katie Crotzer#872 Will BoyleThank you for your interest. Looking forward to hearing your ideas for a potential transaction!
#527 Katie Crotzer#621 Brian Vander MeulenThank you for your interest. Looking forward to hear about the potential transaction!
#527 Katie Crotzer#102 Derek BarkerThank you for your interest in Lakeview Landings! I look forward to finding out what potential transactions that we could accomplish!
#527 Katie Crotzer#595 Jeremiah PhillipsInterestedLets work a deal!!!!
#527 Katie Crotzer#502 Leigh Anne AhrThank you for your interest in Lakeview Landings. I look forward to hearing about your ideas for a potential transaction
#527 Katie Crotzer#184 Charles E. SutherlandThank you for your interest in Lakeview Landings. I look forward to hearing more about the opportunity of a transaction
#527 Katie Crotzer#158 Jason MittmanThank you for your interest in Lakeview Landings! Looking forward to the opportunity to make a deal!!
#547 Phillip GravesYou by mine Ill take yours at 180K as payment against the 400K
#185 Don Tardy#507 Andrew BankenAndrew, is water & sewer available for a mfg home park?InterestedWould seller keep land in the deal?

Thanks, Don Tardy
#593 Rosemarie Pelatti#139 Nicholas HakimInterested

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