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100 Equity Marketing Formulas – by Virgil Opfer, Dan Harrison

This book is a collection of creative ideas and formulas for the acquisition, financing, and disposition of real property. While each of the formulas has been…buy the book or read more »

The Basic Steps
in Real Estate Exchanging
– by R. Royce Ringsdorf

This book is designed to help the new Exchangor start at the very beginning to secure a client, counsel that client to determine his problem, his needs and his desires. After counseling with that client he will be able to solve the problem, and this book will carry the new…buy the book or read more »

Investing in Vacant Land: It’s Not What You Think – by John L. Pehrson

Investing in Vacant Land reveals lessons learned by the author from almost two decades of successful vacant land investing. The author has pursued a unique investment approach, generating cash flow while utilizing exceptional wealth-building techniques. His low-risk strategy involves acquiring…buy the book or read more »

Anatomy of a Real Estate Exchange Group – by Virgil Opfer

This text is written for those who are interested in the way real estate exchange groups function, and is, in effect, a study of the anatomy of such groups…buy the book or read more »

How to Finance any Real Estate, Any Place, Any Time: Strategies That Work – by James A. Misko

Ever wonder how real estate magnates become real estate magnates? By filling out mind-numbing mortgage applications? By making personal guarantees to their banker? Hardly. For years, successful real estate investors have used nontraditional methods of securing funding…buy the book or read more »

Creative Seller Financing: How to Use Seller Financing to Buy or Sell Any Real Estate – by Chuck Sutherland

Creative Real Estate Series Book 1: In this book, you will learn many different styles of creative seller financing. Seller financing is when the seller of a property makes a loan for a buyer to purchase the seller’s property. The outside-the-box application of seller financing is creative seller financing in action…buy the book or read more »

Owner Will Carry – by Bill Broadbent, S.E.C., George Rosenberg

This book will help buyers, sellers, brokers, investors, and other professionals buy and sell more real estate using techniques that may make you a LOT of money…buy the book or read more »

The Most Expensive Mistress in Jefferson County – by James A. Misko

What would you do to earn a $10 million profit? Would you be willing to compromise or alter your principles? Neilson is about to find out in The Most Expensive Mistress in Jefferson County. The US Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife, BLM and other government agencies have…buy the book or read more »

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