Mission Statement

“Our Mission is to conduct the most dynamic commercial real estate marketing events nationwide, using the concepts of client counseling, creative formulas, education, technology and cooperation. This marketing approach is based upon professionalism, integrity and deep personal relationships.”

S. SERVICE: (Integrity)

Being dedicated to what is true in the discipline of real estate problem solving.

E. EXPERIENCE: (Professionalism)

The pursuit of one’s individual discipline in real estate based on time proven principles; the pursuit of continued education, and, performance based on accountability.

C.COUNSELING: (Understanding)

Identifying the task and determining the desired result for all parties concerned.

These endeavors of Service, Experience and Counseling are under girded by a mutual respect for all parties who truly pursue these principles as Counselors.

VISION OF THE S.E.C. (Strategy)

  • Grow our qualified membership each year with multiple and diverse expertise.
  • Teach our courses, philosophies, and concepts to commercial brokers, nationwide.

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