May Agenda

May 5 - 8, 2024
Hilton Quebec
Québec City, Canada

Meeting DateStart TimeEnd TimeDescriptionInformation
Sunday May 5, 20249:00 AM5:00 PMFor those arriving early. Meet in the lobby to walk and explore Quebec City. Collect scavenger hunt points by taking selfy photos in front of historic items in Quebec City. Those who have the most photos win a prize!Meet in the hotel Lobby and self-coordinate
Sunday May 5, 20246:00 PM7:00 PMWelcome Cocktail Reception - Mentors and Guests - for those of you in town, meet each other NOW! Discuss meeting goalsPlaines
Monday May 6,20246:00 AMWalkers/Runners/Joggers. - For your run, explore Quebec City unique sites and history.Meet in Hotel Lobby Registration Area
Monday May 6,20247:30 AM8:30 AMGuest and Member RegistrationGrande Place
Monday May 6,20247:45 AM8:30 AMGuest Breakfast Program - Guests, make arrangements to meet your Mentor at the opening of the meetingSt-Louis
Monday May 6,20248:00 AM8:30 AMS.E.C. Member Business MeetingPalais & Kent
Monday May 6,20248:30 AM5:00 PMBreakout RoomGrande Place
Monday May 6,20248:30 AM10:00 AMSpouses and Friends Continental BreakfastPrivate Dining
Monday May 6,20248:30 AM8:45 AMOpening CeremoniesLance Warne, SEC Pledge of Allegiance, Larry Browning, SEC Invocation, Mark Lechner, SEC Presidents Remarks
Monday May 6,20248:45 AM1:15 PMClick Here to Sign up for Moderated Package PresentationsBlake Allen, SEC
Monday May 6,20248:45 AM9:45 AMQuick Pitches: Your #1 reason you are here in 1 minute. (To "network and learn" is a hockey buzzer timeout and sitdown)Moderated by: Joseph Disalvo, SEC and Nick DeMarte, SEC
Monday May 6,20249:45 AM10:45 AMQuick Pitches – I need money for my dealModerated by: Steve Fithian, SEC & Darryl McCullough, SEC
Monday May 6,202410:45 AM11:00 AMBreak – Reminder: Sign Up for ModerationNick DeMarte, SEC to remind pariticpants be back in room on time
Monday May 6,202411:00 AM11:45 AMModerated new packages: 1st - 3rd time in the bookModerated by: Gary Vandenberg, SEC & Greg McLane, SEC
Monday May 6,202411:50 AM12:00 PMMeet our SponsorsMark Lechner, SEC
Monday May 6,202412:00 PM1:30 PMLUNCH - continue exploring quebec and getting scavenger hunt photos of historic landmarksBlake reminds people to return timely and get photos around town
Monday May 6,20241:30 PM1:45 PMExplain and start the Zander BoardBlake Allen, SEC and Gary Vandenberg, SEC
Monday May 6,20241:45 PM2:15 PMQuick Pitches: My deal is the best on this side of the Ocean! Moderated by: Mark Lechner, SEC and Paul Hakim, SEC
Monday May 6,20242:15 AM2:50 PMQuick PItches: 1st - 3rd time guestsModerated by: Stewart Scovil, SEC and Nate Kanney, SEC
Monday May 6,20242:50 PM3:00 PMBreak Time Nick reminds people to return to meeting room on time
Monday May 6,20243:00 PM3:45 PMModerated Packages - Ready to sign a deal during the meeting Must be in the Book and Client Has Been Thoroughly Counseled!Moderated by: Steve Barker, SEC and Larry Browning, SEC
Monday May 6,20246:00 PM7:00 PMCocktail Reception - Find someone new to go out to Dinner. Get more photos around Quebec!Plaines
Tuesday May 7, 20246:00 AMWalkers/Runners/Joggers - where can you explore in this historic city on your run?Meet in Hotel Lobby Registration Area
Tuesday May 7, 20247:15 AM8:30 AMFellowship Gathering - All are welcomeJoin others for special sharing
Tuesday May 7, 20249:00 AM9:15 AMA formula I can use from a deal I saw yesterdayModerated by: Jason Dillard, SEC and Jon England, SEC
Tuesday May 7, 20249:15 AM9:45 AMQuick pitches - my deal is ready to go under contract nowModerated by: Greg McLane, SEC and Sam Ray
Tuesday May 7, 20249:45 AM10:30 AMSyndication Deals. Moderated Packages with Back-Up Information. Describe the Project and the Players, Total Raise, Minimum Investment, Basic Structure, Timing.Moderated by: Stewart Scovil, SEC and Steve Barker, SEC
Tuesday May 7, 202410:30 AM10:45 AMBreak
Tuesday May 7, 202410:45 AM11:00 AMQuick PitchesModerated by: Don Tardy, SEC and Noah Ruggieri, SEC
Tuesday May 7, 202411:00 AM11:30 AMModerated PackagesModerated by: Joseph Disalvo, SEC and Brian Connor, SEC
Tuesday May 7, 202411:30 AM11:50 PMQuick Pitches - 5 people who have not presented yetModerated by: Paul Hakim, SEC and Mark Lechner, SEC
Tuesday May 7, 202411:50 AMNoonMeet our Sponsors for the Quebec City Meeting
Tuesday May 7, 202412:10 PM1:30 PMLunch and Learn with Derek Lobo - Lunch is provided & hosted by S.E.C. Education FoundationConversation / Presentation moderated by Larry Browning, SEC
Tuesday May 7, 20241:30 PM1:45 PMZander Board Update - get ready to do a deal at the end of the day todayModerated by: Blake Allen, SEC and Gary Vandenberg, SEC
Tuesday May 7, 20242:00 PM2:45 PMTell us your big problem - let's solve it!Moderated by: Steve Fithian, SEC and Nick DeMarte, SEC
Tuesday May 7, 20242:45 PM3:00 PMS.E.C. Success StoryDiscussion led by: Nick DeMarte, SEC
Tuesday May 7, 20243:00 PM3:10 PMBreak
Tuesday May 7, 20243:15 PM4:00 PMModerated Packages: I have to get this off my plate NOW!Moderated by: Stewart Scovil, SEC and Gary Vandenberg, SEC
Tuesday May 7, 20244:00 PM4:30 PMQuick Pitches: Yeah you betcha' - I'm a buyer Moderated by: Steve Barker, SEC and Darryl McCulough, SEC
Tuesday May 7, 20244:30 PM5:00 PMZander Board - write out the deal and get it doneModerated by: Blake Allen, SEC and Gary Vandenberg, SEC
Tuesday May 7, 20245:00 PM5:10 PMGuests meet with President and Production back of the meeting room.Mark Lechner, SEC President
Tuesday May 7, 20246:00 PM7:00 PMCocktail Reception - All registered Attendees and Spouse/Guests are InvitedPlaines
Wednesday May 8, 20246:00 AMWalkers/Runners/JoggersMeet in Hotel Lobby Registration Area
Wednesday May 8, 20249:00 AM9:05 AMWho is staying? Who has not presented? Who must get a deal done today?Nick surveys audience
Wednesday May 8, 20249:00 AM9:45 AMDeal or No Deal - done right nowModerated by: Jason Dillard, SEC
Wednesday May 8, 20249:45 AM10:45 AMLast chance to quick pitchModerated by: Blake Allen, SEC
Wednesday May 8, 202410:45 AM11:00 AMBreak - Check out of your room on time!
Wednesday May 8, 202411:00 AM12:00 PMBreak up into groups of 3-5, layout a deal, help your colleagues - get it done: present them to the groupModerated by Larry Browning, SEC
Wednesday May 8, 202412:00 PM1:30 PMLunch Break(Last Chance to Meet Someone New)
Wednesday May 8, 20241:30 PMTBDProblem Solving: Last Chance to Pitch Anything Including Yourself!


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