January Agenda

January 14th-17th, 2024: San Antonio, TX

Meeting DateStart TimeEnd TimeDescriptionInformation
Sunday, January 14, 20246:00 PM7:00 PMHospitality PartyRiver Terrace Room & Patio
Sunday January 14, 20249:00 AM5:00 PMFormulas in Todays Market - Mark Johnson, SECAlamo Ball Room - Salon E
Monday, January 15, 20246:00 AMWalkers/Runners/JoggersMeet in Hotel Lobby Registration Area
Monday, January 15, 20247:30 AM8:30 AMGuest & Member RegistrationAlamo Ballroom Registration
Monday, January 15, 20247:45 AM8:30 AMGuest Breakfast ProgramRiver Terrace Room & Patio
Monday, January 15, 20248:00 AM8:30 AMS.E.C. Member Business MeetingAlamo Ballroom A-C
Monday, January 15, 20248:30 AM10:00 AMSpouses & Friends Continental BreakfastValero Room
Monday, January 15, 20248:45 AM9:00 AMOpening CeremoniesWelcome: Dan Kessler, S.E.C., Meeting Managers Jon England, SEC & Steve England, SEC
Pledge of Allegiance:
President Remarks: Mark Lechner, S.E.C. President
Monday, January 15, 20249:00 AM10:30 AM"What is my highest priority to accomplish?”(Moderated Quick Pitches find Super Takers)
Monday, January 15, 202410:30 AM11:00 AMBreak for Immediate Follow Up!(Meet your Super Takers/Takers)
Monday, January 15, 202411:00 AM11:30 AMHave 1031 Cash With QI Now(or very soon)!!!Pre-Moderated “Four Star” Packages
Monday, January 15, 202411:30 AM11:40 AMGuest Assistance CommitteeGary Vandenberg, SEC
Monday, January 15, 202411:40 AM12:00 PMMeet our Sponsors for San Antonio Meeting
Monday, January 15, 202412:00 PM1:30 PMLunch and Session Response meetings
Monday, January 15, 20241:30 PM2:15 PM“What Opportunities do you see in today’s market?”Panel Led Group Participation
Monday, January 15, 20242:15 PM3:00 PMModerated Quick Pitches (properties or situations)
Monday, January 15, 20243:00 PM3:30 PM4-STAR Presentations(Pre-moderated)
Monday, January 15, 20243:30 PM3:50 PMBreak to Follow Up and Negotiate(Meet with your Super Takers and Takers)
Monday, January 15, 20243:50 PM4:50 PMNew Product and Situations(Quick Pitches)
Monday, January 15, 20245:00 PM6:00 PMIndividual Conferences to go to contract!!
Monday, January 15, 20246:00 PM7:00 PMHospitality Party/NetworkingRiver Terrace Room & Patio
Tuesday, January 16, 20246:00 AMWalkers/Runners/JoggersMeet in Hotel Lobby Registration Area
Tuesday, January 16, 20247:30 AM8:30 AMFellowship Get Together(Join others for special sharing)
Tuesday, January 16, 20248:30 AM9:00 AMModerated Haves/Wants!(Tell us about something new)
Tuesday, January 16, 20249:00 AM10:00 AMMost Motivated Problems(Client or broker needs immediate help!)
Tuesday, January 16, 202410:00 AM10:30 AMBreak Out Room Negotiations(Follow up on potential transactions)
Tuesday, January 16, 202410:30 AM11:30 AMHave Great Deal – Need Partners!(Money? Expertise? Time?)
Tuesday, January 16, 202411:30 AM12:00 PMQuick Problem Solving Idea Session
Tuesday, January 16, 202412:00 PM1:15 PMLunch Break(Take a Guest to lunch)
Tuesday, January 16, 20241:15 PM2:15 PMPanel Discussion - “What concerns do we need to have on our radar in today’s tumultuous times?”
Tuesday, January 16, 20242:15 PM3:00 PMEquities Clients will spend, pledge or partner!(Properties in book have priority)
Tuesday, January 16, 20243:00 PM3:30 PMBreak Time(Follow up on potential transactions)
Tuesday, January 16, 20243:30 PM4:30 PM“I need a Taker” Quick Pitches
Tuesday January 16, 20245:00 PMGuests meet with SEC President with Questions!
Tuesday, January 16, 2024Member's Only Installation BanquetRiver Terrace Room & Patio
Wednesday, January 17, 20246:00 AMWalkers/Runners/JoggersMeet in Hotel Lobby Registration Area
Wednesday, January 17, 20249:00 AM9:45 AMNew Haves and Wants!
Wednesday, January 17, 20249:45 AM10:15 AM“Haven’t Presented Yet”Pre -Moderated Packages
Wednesday, January 17, 202410:15 AM10:45 AMTransactions Coming Together But…..(third leg, ideas needed, etc.)
Wednesday January 17, 202410:45 AM11:00 AMFinal Negotiations & Networking
Wednesday January 17, 202411:00 AM12:00 PMHaven't Found a Deal Yet?(Guests have priority)
Wednesday January 17, 202412:00 PM1:30 PMLunch Break(Last Chance to Meet Someone New)
Wednesday January 17, 20241:30 PMTBDAll Problems find Ideas/Solutions! - Let’s Have a Round Table!(Round Tables and Giving Session)


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