January Book

TitlePhotoValueOffered By:TypeLocationSizeDescription
Partnership Issues, not Property$3,950,000Adam Rath #168Office10700 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 4524261,227 SFBenefits to New Owner: Value Add Upside Partnership Problem equals a benefit for you Benefits Sought: Move through the property and dissolve the partnership Motive: Will review and consider all offers Can Add: Equity to repurchase the property with new partnership. Majority of partners believe in the property. Remarks: Last 24 months 15 leases signed, over 21,000 square feet of leasing Stable NOI $492,845 Value of $5,450,000 @ a 9% CAP Rate (90% Occupancy, $15p/sf Modified Gross Rent) 61,227 R/SF Office Building in one of the hottest locations in Cincinnati, Ohio (Montgomery, Ohio) Owner: Genoa Property, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18151797/9a491c1713e65cce82b9c5e2b6ce5efe637ce979/original.png?1693504792
Cash$2,000,000Daniel J. Murphy, CCIM #162Special Purpose1 Lakeside Ln, North Barrington, IL 60010Control: Owner Have: $2,000,000 in escrow need to close by 10/10/2023 Owner: DLM Family LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18153572/039bdea7b1c8bcf5b30199ba81248c1f8a049259/original.jpeg?1693506188
$12,000,000Larry S. Browning #112LandFairland Interstate 34 Acres: 3809 N Frontage Rd, Shelbyville, IN 4617634 AcresControl: Partner Benefits Sought: Owners are no longer developing because of age. Looking to sell, exchange, or JV. May add cash for the right deal. Motivation: Activate equity while the local market is strong. Looking for opportunity. Can Add: Cash and other land equities. Office building available in same area. Make us an offer. Would love to JV with active developers. Owner: Fairland-74, LLC. Ronald Bowden, Larry Browning, and Adam Browninghttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18155555/ca43ee24cab6c6bcd19b34913a8f1043acdbb84f/original.png?1693507936
Residential Development - Santa Fe NMSubject To OfferVicki Yeomans, CCIM #192Special Purpose1795 Paseo De Vista, Sante Fe, NM 87501Control: Partner Have: Property will be conveyed with R-3 zoning, approved plat, in an area of high demand for residential homes. Should go to cash in 6 to 12 months. Benefits: 1031 Exchange Benefits Sought: 1031 Exchange for income producing property Motivation: Wants to extend timeframe for designation and closing by marketing early Can Add: Will help with the marketing Additional properties Additional cash Ownership: 2 SECs (Cerro del Norte Partners)https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18160231/cc3b8cb31b2664253a455422c4b1d4c2edeee6b6/original.png?1693512015
$2,100,000Vicki Yeomans, CCIM #192LandLand for Mobile Home Park: 4445 Hwy 14, Sante Fe, NM 87507Control: Partner Benefits to New Owner: Cash out partnership Can Add: Cash, other propertieshttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18160172/dee0a022c8606d20bbad962646fc4fee4b87eaff/original.jpeg?1693511974
INDIANA FARM GROUND AS COLLATERAL$1,886,000Monte L. Froehlich #136Land5800 S. Burlington Drive, Muncie, IN 4730475.44 AcresBenefits: Currently leased to a local farmer. Extremely passive investment. Farm ground continues to increase in value. Latest rumor is that Indiana farm ground is selling for $25,000-35,000 per acre. Gross Scheduled Income: $5,920 Expenses: $1,807 NOI: $4,833https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18546295/dce0f0005e059119bc8a0db2035723b927b81ae2/original.jpg?1694046554
271 ACRE WILDLIFE RETREAT$2,250,000Wesley Dingler #124Resort Property5980 Kentucky 389, Turners Station, KY 40075https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18547134/14cf68e2b56561ee48bc027332dc3591e09f3d37/original.png?1694047346
Stillwell Hotel$34,650,000Derek Barker, CCIM #102Hotel/Motel101 N Church St, Hendersonville, NC 2879215,936 SFBenefits to New Owner: Good returns. Long term cash flow. Benefits Sought: seeking funds to complete equity raise. Can take 1031 funds up to $900k. Motivation: High Owner: Hendersonville Ventures LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18548605/5b77f26742c9c6c83a07d52e0ceed228c0110e27/original.png?1694048750
Ellis Avenue Plaza$2,100,000Steve Fithian, CCIM, CPA #134Retail1315 Ellis Avenue, Jackson, MS 3920435,334 SFBenefits to New Owner: Tremendous upside with leasing vacant space. Existing cash flow while working on the upside. Lamar Billboard included. Benefits Sought: Trade into a larger property. Prefer industrial properties but will consider retail and office. Value add or stabilized properties desired. Also, will go down and out. Will consider some land as a partial down payment. Motivation: Estate building looking for larger properties. Can Add: Land in St Johns, MI, lots is Willisburg, KY, redevelopment in Amarillo, TX. Cash. Sign on debt. Remarks: Currently 68% occupied. Proforma Cap Rate of 12% when stabilized occupancy is achieved. Only $59.43 psf. Owner: 1315 Ellis Avenue, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18549760/c30dd2876c4c38e30a9b83b3bba0d0d3498dd682/original.jpg?1694049865
Tammy I & Tammy II$950,000Josh Fox #135Flex and Warehouse3010 Williams Street, Chattanooga, TN 37410Benefits to New Owner: Upside in increased rents and restructuring leases to NNN. Current leases are under-market. Benefits Sought: To get my price. Motivation: Down and out. Ease into retirement. Can add: Other industrial & office properties. Owner: Tammy Development Co, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18550879/8f3042adde2036df19f676fb289c66dd604d61ab/original.png?1694050917
10 Palmaire CondosSubject To OfferStephen Gallagher #138Multifamily1630 East Georgia Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85016Benefits to New Owner: Beautiful Units, All updated, Brand New Roof, very easy to rent. Gorgeous landscaping with a pool. Retire debt, realize some equity, and move to a pending project property. Benefits Sought: Activate the Equity, move up. Motivation: Will take land as down payment. Can Add: Some cash, notes. Remarks: If new owner VRBO’s these units, the net income would go up 40%. Great way to split up a partnership. The upside is to go Airbnb. Owner: Steve Gallagherhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18551666/235e84ef802d1b06a6eb64f4b6d290e6f2888d57/original.jpeg?1694051655
1031 Cash$600,000Tyler Nepote #164IndustrialAddress Not Disclosed, Wichita, KS 1031 Cash coming in late Q3. Prefer value add industrial, suburban office, or retail.https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18551973/2fffee7a27ada3b4a4b33677404b311abd389541/original.jpeg?1694051936
LONG TERM STNL (Abs NNN)$1,325,000Tyler Nepote #164RetailAddress Not Disclosed, Wichita, KS Benefits to New Owner: Long term absolute net lease w/ zero LL responsibilities. Priced 1/3 of replacement cost. 30% below market rent. Tenant has been at locations for decades. Personal Guaranteed lease. Absolute mailbox money. 5% bump in Year 5 Benefits Sought: Activate equity - owner wants to either cash out and move onto new project, move up into something with upside. Motivation: Work has been done, time to move on with profits. Doesn't fit the owner's current objectives. Can Add: Cash ($100-200K) plus new financing of 3x ($1.5-2.5M deal). Creative owner. Ask... Remarks: Owner could potentially take in a small land/note equity for partial consideration. Great 1031 property. Owner: TTM Baldwinhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18606388/09d2574d91c1b9d19b1d95bf3fc96cac097389b8/original.png?1694103854
10 Year Absolute NNN - Single Tenant$1,000,000Tyler Nepote #164Retail5920 W Central Ave, Wichita, KS 6721211,472 SFBenefits to New Owner: Long term passive mail box money with no LL responsibilities. Well below market rent so re-tenant wouldn't be scary. Strong location. Benefits Sought: Industrial, Suburban Office, Medical. Value add preferred, could go up to $2-4M with this and CanAdds. Motivation: Ownership has done their work, want to move onto different project. More value add or leverage much higher. Can Add: Cash, Signature, Expertise, Creative Ownership Remarks: Property has been education/school center for decades with strong RE fundamentals. Easy peasy boring mailbox money from a great tenant. Owner: GT WICHITA https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18607042/3f4c881261ebd87e75e6ca7411e647884be900e5/original.png?1694104305
INDUSTRIAL STNL - $15M TENANT$4,888,133Tyler Nepote #164Industrial2101 N Grace Street, Culloden, WV 25510120,000 SFBenefits to New Owner: Absolute NNN industrial, passive income from tenant who has been there 30+ years. Benefits Sought: Use proceeds to move up into $6-10M asset, industrial pref. Would consider value add. Motivation: Long term equity with nicely seasoned lease with ample time left - activate and leverage up. Can Add: Cash, other NNN Industrial or Office, Land, Value Add Office. Remarks: Owners are experienced exchangors and will consider equities - industrial, cash flowing, or good land for some portion. Owner: NOOGA https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18607636/9efba49928510989c37a41e4f8416c86610909f8/original.jpg?1694104799
F&C Chinese Buffet Restaurant Socorro, NM$400,000Ted J. Blank, CCIM #108Retail900 North California Street, Socorro, NM 878013,462 SFBenefits to New Owner: F/C, 3,462 sf freestanding building. Very little management. Lease Rate is $2850/month to 12/31/23. Current offer of $400,000 all paper is available. Less than 1 hour from the National Observatory. 15,000 + tourists visit each year. Benefits Sought: Find local opportunity in Colorado or partner with you in your transaction. Motivation: Move equity to higher yield or passive partner position. Received this property as down payment on larger asset. Can Add: Cash or debt of equal amount. Remarks: There is a current offer for the restaurant for all paper. Owner: Land/Builders, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18608477/a713b95038e6c63987680e1f72f67b024a2efb91/original.cgi?1694105473
Cash to Invest/Lend$5,000,000Ted J. Blank, CCIM #108CashAddress Not Disclosed, Castle Pines, CO Benefits to New Owner: 12% Yield/Return; 70% Loan to Value; 0% Leverage West Geographic Parameters; Improved Property 3 year term limit Benefits Sought: Problem solving Cash to own or lend Owner: Wittehttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18608895/7698ea6f33c9be86aa191516ccfd3c18d743c6fc/original.jpeg?1694105781
Cash Flowing Daycare in Wichita$450,000Ted J. Blank, CCIM #108Retail/Commercial8181 E Harry St, Wichita, KS 672075,010 SFBenefits to New Owner: No landlord responsibilities on cash-flowing daycare building. Five-year term with two 5-year options. Lease is personally guaranteed. Yr1:36,000 Yr2:36,540 Yr3:37,088 Yr4:37,644 Yr5:38,209 Benefits Sought: Need Cash for next deal. Add to package in NM to go up. JV with you in your deal. Simplify. Motivation: Move into your deal with passive position. Need 1031 status. Can Add: Socorro NM leased restaurant at $400,000 Remarks: Experienced Day Care operator with two other operations in Wichita. Owner: Ted Blank & Associateshttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18609395/9318c5d1a096c3c41d47908bbaabf6dce6569788/original.cgi?1694106185
ENTIRE CITY BLOCK IN AMARILLO TEXAS$1,950,000Steve Fithian, CCIM, CPA #134Retail/Commercial & Multi-Family401 Southeast 2nd Avenue, Amarillo, TX 79101Benefits to New Owner: Rarity of a full city block available in Amarillo, Texas. Opportunity zone benefits. Within investment zone for downtown Amarillo. Adjacency to new development and city center core. Benefits Sought: Cash flowing investments for estate building. Industrial and flex preferred. Motivation: Property is an outlier in owners portfolio, atypical product type for us. Owner is not a developer. Ownership prefers cash flowing properties. Investing for estate building. Can Add: Owners can sign on debt and add cash. Can add land in St Johns, MI, retail center in Jackson, MS. Owners will consider a JV with a developer. Remarks: Downtown Amarillo is experiencing steady redevelopment. Property is located in the city center for government and across the street from the parking lot for the City Civic Center, Complex. The Herring Hotel is a 15-story art deco building built in 1929, recently purchased for redevelopment and adjacent to the subject property. Owner: Fithian Opportunity Zone Fund, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18609864/dbf910e44789d155a705c3813dbab8f4b26c34d4/original.PNG?1694106515
COMMERCIAL LAND AS DOWN PAYMENT FOR INCOME PROPERTY$400,000Steve Fithian, CCIM, CPA #134LandParcel 1-D South Scott Road, Saint Johns, MI 488793.36 AcresBenefits to New Owner: Free and Clear development land for a developer or end user adjacent to an existing 86,000 sq. ft. retail power center. Ready for development now. Near signalized corner on Business US 27 and Townsend/Scott Road. Benefits Sought: Exchange into an income producing property. Owner can add cash and sign on new debt. Will consider value add or problem properties. Will consider properties up to $7M. Motivation: Owner is an estate builder, not a developer. Can Add: Cash. Signature. Retail center in Jackson, MS. Entire city block in Amarillo, Texas. Residential lots in Willisburg, KY. Remarks: Great site for a new owner. Seller is creative. Owner: Longing for St John, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18610280/1f5168dd0d292da39c882e2c77e1cec4033f42a6/original.PNG?1694106864
SEC TO BANKER - "WHAT SR LIVING COMMUNITY IS KEEPING YOU UP AT NIGHT?"$20,000,000Monte L. Froehlich #136Special PurposeAddress Not Disclosed, Bennet, NE Benefits Sought: 30,000 minimum population within 10 miles of facility, average home value $100k+, would like 3 years of financials & current rent roll. Motivation: Will pay 2% commission up to $20M and 1% commission above $20M.https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18610703/c8032ded757f382beb0c88d380d0a0c9720a7e4a/original.jpeg?1694107237
Value Add Buyer$500,000Mark Mayfield, CCIM #155CashAddress Not Disclosed, Rock Hill, SC Benefits Sought: Reasonable initial return expectations assuming there is the opportunity to add value and create upside. Owner: MJMhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18611120/e9b50eb76479532bc284ea1fcaf8d69746957cd4/original.jpeg?1694107602
IRA Money$50,000Josh Fox #135CashAddress Not Disclosed, Chattanooga, TN Benefits Sought: Looking for steady 7%+ return with upside upon sale. Motivation: High. Need to place by year end to activate equity. https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18612446/c35594e692772577bf7b4dee7e72f33c47ca949e/original.jpeg?1694109479
Passive Cash$500,000Josh Fox #135CashAddress Not Disclosed, Chattanooga, TN Benefits Sought: Double-digit returns or an upside property like a vacant industrial building. Will consider other vacant properties. Can Add: More Cash. Remarks: Will partner with someone who can be boots on the ground for the right vacant property. https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18612552/33082518d41ecfac0b43d9c72af5af911cb4c58f/original.jpeg?1694109776
Blue Grass ParkwaySubject To OfferJoseph Crowley, AHWD #119RetailAddress Not Disclosed, Loudon, NH Benefits to New Owner: F&C opportunity Benefits Sought: Opportunity Motivation: 10 Can Add: Land various states and note Owner: BGP LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18612744/d339c4304a3dfef5d5270e04963c41388df6de4d/original.jpeg?1694110286
Rancho Santa Fe. Santa Fe, New Mexico Class A Apartment Development.$49,000,000John P. Brennan, CCIM #110Multifamily4900 Hernandez Road, Santa Fe, NM 87507Benefits to New Owner: High yield investment opportunity in a ground up class A apartment development. Secure, Safety-First Investor Group position. Approvals in place. Seasoned, tenured and successful development sponsor. Benefits Sought: Cash flow. Yield. Upside. Remarks: Santa Fe is experiencing a severe shortage of housing availability. Investor Group will contribute $10,500,000 cash. Sponsor Group has already contributed $4,000,000 cash. Owner: Rancho Santa Fe, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18613061/71c8a5ae67dd733220369c22cab25ad60cb09927/original.jpeg?1694111324
2570 North Shadeland Ave$5,815,488Joseph DiSalvo #125Industrial2570 N Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis, IN 4621978,720 SFBenefits to New Owner: strong, passive cash flow with established and anchored tenants in the location with base rents below market. Benefits Sought: Purchased this building off-market in a TIC with some coworkers, looking to diversify our equity into other deals and free up my guarantee limit with this Lender. Motivation: Have other opportunities to move my equity into and want to free up lending limit with the lender on this property. Can add: Can carry some paper, can manage the property, can potentially add property nearby. Remarks: This is a very simple deal with great tenants that have been in this location since the building was built - one is one of the largest HVAC distributors in the USA and the other is a locally-owned, award-winning volleyball club that has been around for 10+ years. Just looking to move equity elsewhere and free up lending ability with Lender. Owner: 2570 Shadeland, LLC
Stout Field Cold Storage Facility$19,475,000Joseph DiSalvo #125Industrial4001 W Minnesota St, Indianapolis, IN 46241194,808 SFBenefits to New Owner: passive preferred returns and substantial upside potential in increasing rents to market rates while we have stable cash flow during the repositioning. Benefits Sought: Looking to raise the remaining capital amongst limited partners. Motivation: I own synergistic property in this market and have the infrastructure and team in place to take over management of the project. Can Add: I will sign the note, handle the day-to-day operations, invest my personal capital, and have my accounting firm, CBiz Somerset, ready to take on the bookkeeping for the entity. Remarks: I sold this property to the SECs that currently own this and have been able to see what they have done to get the property to its current state, and I own similar space - vintage, smaller cooler/freezer space - in this market and am getting over 50% higher rents than this property is getting, so I know where we can take it. Please let me know if you are interested in partnering. Owner: Stout Industrial Partners, LPhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18613519/52b3ec172b8547a55f016c22d681299efb52d628/original.png?1694112487
1031 CASH JAN 24$1,800,000Gary Vandenberg, CCIM #1871031 CashAddress Not Disclosed, Douglas, MI Benefits to New Owner: Can go up to ten million property for right situation. Benefits Sought: Simple cash flow for grandchildren. Motivation: Re-situate equity for long term hold. Can Add: Other 1031 cash of 1,500,000 coming in January 2024. Remarks: Have closed and partnered with client before. Owner: Wilson Crossinghttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18613692/abc86c82c86ad04a8e2f166bdaa06b98631bd270/original.jpeg?1694112944
The Vance Hotel$17,660,078Derek Barker, CCIM #102Hospitality226 South Center Street, Statesville, NC 28677Benefits to New Owner: Good Returns. Long Term Cash Flow. Tax credits. Benefits Sought: Seeking funds to complete equity raise. can take 1031 funds up to $900k. Motivation: High Can Add: Nothing Owner: Vance Hotel Partners, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18614023/a2595b11f860f69c5f81092d18d854e55392ecf9/original.jpg?1694113420
Marriott TownePlace Suites Hotel$19,200,115Derek Barker, CCIM #102Hospitality1725 E Dixon Blvd, Shelby, NC 28152624 SFBenefits to New Owner: Good Return. Long Term Cash Flow. Benefits Sought: Seeking funds to complete equity raise. Can take 1031 funds up to $1MM Motivation: high Can Add: nothing Owner: Shelby Ventures LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18614160/2690e4d60b344ee9745fe6f5b82fc55140722248/original.jpg?1694113855
Manufacturing/Distribution on the southern outskirts of DFW$4,700,000David W. Jackson #142Industrial2407 N Preston St, Ennis, TX 7511962,500 SFBenefits to New Owner: 75% of new construction cost. Available late October 2023. Benefits Sought: Trade up or lease the building. Motivation: Recently purchased, currently renovating. Existing tenant moves out October 15, 2023. Can Add: Experience, cash Owner: An SEC with partnershttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18614268/7bfa55f864685a5c60b9e9afdab21d751576dfa6/original.png?1694114195
Hard Money Loans for Quick TurnsSubject To OfferDavid W. Jackson #142Cash8216 Tanglerose Drive, Frisco, TX 75034Benefits to New Owner: Fast Approval, you write the loan docs, fast funding. 6 to 24 month term. 12% rate plus 2 to 3% for origination fee. Benefits Sought: Security of capital. Good rate. Good borrower with good communication. Motivation: Deploy money at rates that exceed what he can get in CDs. Remarks: He is comfortable with industrial properties. He is comfortable with members of the SEC. There needs to be a story of how you will add value and what the exit strategy is. Loan amounts of $500,000 to $1,200,000. Owner: FVJV, Ltd.https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18614326/554975c74ea51fdae2f7fdf23e7eff3db343ee06/original.jpeg?1694114456
Tuscola Mall$5,000,000Alex Ruggieri, CCIM #172Joint VentureD400 Tuscola Boulevard, Tuscola, IL 61953Benefits to New Owner: Huge upside on stabilization. Will sell out lots to reduce financing costs. Town is also financially committed to help this project move forward. Benefits Sought: partner/financier/experience advisor on how to revitalize and take this down. Motivation: Due diligence through December. Then need to close or walk. Remarks: Local to the project and will be a vested owner in the project success. https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18614518/e1bfeb4477e7e4f832dc7d81eadb69fbd0a40910/original.png?1694114998
Sale/Leaseback with 15 year term$7,200,000Brandon Sanders #174Industrial3490 Venture Dr, San Angelo, TX 7690573,000 SFBenefits to New Owner: Long term NNN lease currently producing 8.18% secured with the largest LED supplier in the US. Will consider other terms and renewals. Majority owners are native to San Angelo with deep ties. Benefits Sought: Looking to recapture funds used for buying out partners, expanding warehouses and purchase of competitors. Feel it is also less complicated as part of financials and balance sheet to lease vs own real estate under the business model. Motivation: 5-6, this is an opportunity to clean up balance sheet and recapture cash but owners are not in a hurry or need to move out of this position. Can wait for the right deal structure. Can Add: can get complicated but options exist. Would prefer to stick with a straight forward deal. Could add LED lighting components, etc. involving business but personally investors in a range of deals, primarily passive partnerships. Remarks: The current lease will need to be rewritten, owners are willing to discuss changing some terms but need to make sure items such as bumps will work for business projections in the future. Owner: Principal Industrieshttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18614638/d1f331f361337b0c74486f97122ca045f87bdb2f/original.JPG?1694115407
Limited Partner Multi-family Development Investment$45,375,000Adam BrowningMultifamily3200 Doctor Andrew J Brown Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46205Benefits to New Owner: Preferred return with 100% of cash flow until capital is returned. Taxes benefits on cost segregation. No recourse to investor. Great market. More developments in pipeline. Benefits Sought: Capital to complete projects. Motivation: Strong, general partners have been funding all previous projects and need additional capital to continue developing future projects. Can Add: Multiple multi-family developments in pipeline. Various multi-family land parcels in Indiana and Class A multifamily property in Lafayette, Indiana. Remarks: owner will look at pre- selling a project to potential buyer. Owner: The Ridge Grouphttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18637422/00e5d1d71e94634e8f9920d1d65621133e205e44/original.png?1694183274
73 Acres Trade/Exchange for Equity Stake or Income, Creative Financing$160,000Andrew BankenRanchN and S HWY 19, Sulphur Springs, TX 7548273 AcresBenefits to New Owner: This property could be a potential candidate for conservation / ESG programs. Could explore harvesting the wood. This property would also make a great recreational property for hunting, fishing, camping, and ranching. Benefits Sought: Seeking to grow equity through the trading, purchasing, and/or exchanging of equity interests in income producing properties. Willing to do creative financing and deal structuring to generate long term equity growth and cashflow. Motivation: I want to diversify my portfolio and equity generation across different geographical areas and asset types. Wanting to use this property to leverage into something else that is income generating. Can Add: Cash. Additional cash flowing property located in Killeen, TX. Can add boots on the ground investment oversight and management in my current geographical area. Willing to partner to go into deal. Remarks: The major hurdle for this property is the access. While there is currently no deeded access to the property. I have an attorney working on the access. There is evidence of previous access granted from the Levee District but failure to record the easement. Please reach out and talk to me for more details regarding the access. Owner: Andrew Bankenhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18638707/5c646696ada52888e2ace0fd1dda28787285709d/original.jpg?1694184429
10 Acre Amarillo, TX Development Land - Exchange or Build To Suite$1,306,800Andrew BankenLand13301 Interstate Highway 27, Amarillo, TX 7911810 AcresBenefits to New Owner: Raw land outside of city limits allows new owners the ability to develop a wide range of options for retail, industrial, or multi-family use. Benefits Sought: Looking to diversify into income producing assets. Will partner and or contribute land for a build to suit. Motivation: Family asset they are ready to dispose of. Asset not currently producing income, would like to generate cash flow. Can Add: None Remarks: This commercial property is located at the intersection of IH-27 and W McCormick Rd, just 3 miles south of Amarillo Loop 335 and 6 miles north of Canyon, TX. It is located outside city limits in the county. Topography is flat and there is water close by. Currently under contract on the 4.97 acres and 4.11 acres that fronts I-27. Also under contract on one acre lot in the north east corner of the 11 acres. Approximately 10 acres currently available. Owner: Clark Family Trusthttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18639316/8cf094ab0ac8155aeb599669d367d0c316119d52/original.JPG?1694184920
$1,555,000 SELLER CARRY FIRST NOTE$1,555,000Blake Allen #301Multifamily3, 5, 7 Arapahoe Pl, Manitou Springs, CO 80829Benefits to New Owner: $7775 a month in mailbox money, plus $1.555M in 7 years or less. Taker can 1031 the Note or keep it for income. Benefits Bought: I am a Buyer with this Note. I am looking for a property upon which to place the debt, or cash to pay it off. I love the Note, I don't love the private debt I have secured by the Note. A small piece of land and cash would be great, but a $1.5-3MM income property would be preferred. Motivation: High due to the debt on the Note. Can Add: Sale/leaseback/buyback deals, more Notes, cash, land, small income properties. Remarks: This Note has been seasoned for over one year and is ready to move to the next deal. I am a taker for your property with this, so long as I can get the benefits I seek (moving/replacing the debt). Not area bound but Colorado is preferred. Owner: Blake and Rene' Allenhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18639947/1dc08ace4f9e3012458b81395e1b576f73054fb1/original.jpeg?1694185530
$1,025,000Blake Allen #301Multifamily1135, 1137, 1138 Valley Manor Ct, Colorado Springs, CO 80906Benefits to New Owner: Fee simple ownership of 3 stable duplexes with local management, or a NNN leaseback/buyback deal at 6% absolute NNN with 2% appreciation on the buyback for the passive 1031 Buyer. Benefits Sought: I would like to sell these outright, or to trade them. I would prefer to lease them back 6% absolute NNN and buy them back in 2-10 years with 2% annual appreciation to give an 8% yield. We can do the sale/leaseback/buyback deal at any value for $800k-$1.1MM. Motivation: Not high, but I would like to retire the debt and don't like banks. Can Add: Notes, land, small income properties, sale/leaseback/buyback deals, cash. Remarks: I like this inventory and would like to keep control, but I would gladly sell outright. On a trade, it can be fee simple or NNN deal as well, if I like what you have and my private lender is ok with it. Owner: Blake and Rene' Allen
FIRST NOTE ON DOWNTOWN MIXED USE PROJECT$1,400,000Blake Allen #301PaperAddress Not Disclosed, Saint Louis, MO Benefits to New Owner: Cash flow from a Note. Can 1031 it forward or keep it for income. Benefits Sought: We would like to buy your property with our Note. The noteholder will likely 1031 into your property in the process. Looking for something $1.4-4MM or bigger. Motivation: moderate, depending on what you have. Can Add: small MHP, collateral for the Note, small income properties, IL houses, land, other notes, cash. Remarks: We have a leasehold on the collateral for this to be created Note and are looking to activate equity and grow. We want to buy your income property and to put you in a passive position. Owner: Bloah, LLC (Blake and Noah)https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18641084/d988ec59717849dae70b7885b016dbb398f7454a/original.jpeg?1694186512
1031 CASH$500,000Bryan Neal, CCIM #163CashAddress Not Disclosed, Tyler, TX Benefits Sought: Primary Focus is Industrial, will consider Office or Retail as well. Will consider value add properties. Can Add: Non-1031 cash and/or various properties to go up into a larger deal. Owner: TruckPro 3 LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18641341/6192e42de0f655a3792cc49336bb5b9e6e3fc68b/original.jpeg?1694186757
10 Residential Acres Close to Heaven - North Carolina, Blue Ridge Mountains$199,000Alejandro DuqueLandChestnut Mountain Farms 2 L131, McGrady, NC 28649Benefits to New Owner: This is one of the limited mountain-top home sites (up to 2 home sites), in Chestnut Mountain Farms. This is an exclusive 1,500 acre gated community, situated minutes from the famous 469 mile Blue Ridge Parkway, which connects Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to the Great Smoky Mountains Park in Tennessee. Chestnut Mountain Farms offers 15 miles of hiking, biking trails, several waterfalls to contemplate, plus an owners pavilion, equestrian center, and stable for an equine pet. Benefits Sought: Trade up for more land, acquire agricultural fields in the US but ideally in any midwestern state to operate as share cropper, or land that nobody wants. Motivation: 3 Can Add: Cash, land in 10 other states. Remarks: We are buyers with land. We can use them as down payments or add cash/other properties. About $1,000 in yearly expenses (taxes and administration). Owner: Jim Wolffhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18644144/f9915bdb756bb2c4c4a9c6cf6d3e4887b1caff54/original.jpg?1694189335
QUALITY VALUE ADD OFFICE BUILDING$1,425,000Bryan Neal, CCIM #163Office1920 E Mckinley Ave, Mishawaka, IN 4654520,000 SFBenefits to New Owner: Well maintained quality office building, priced considerably below replacement cost, and plenty of upside. Benefits Sought: Active equity and move onto next deal. Prefer to go up with this property into $3-5MM, but will go sideways or down too. Motivation: I'm a don't wanter. Not hurting or seeking fire sale, but am ready to move onto other properties that are in my wheelhouse. Can Add: Cash, NNN Industrial properties, expertise, etc. Remarks: Creative to get a deal done - bring me your offers or ideas. Willing to lease back for period, cover expenses, creative financing, etc. Huge upside once leased, even more upside if willing to lease to multiple smaller tenants (my stumbling block). Owner: BRN Jacksonhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18645435/23a296b589cc95b6392dc6d20c4756800f0b7e25/original.JPEG?1694190687
CASH SEEKING DEALS$2,200,000Bryan Neal, CCIM #163CashAddress Not Disclosed, Tyler, TX Benefits to New Owner: Cash Buyer who closes deals. Benefits Sought: Looking for total deal size of $4,000,000 - 8,000,000. Ideally looking for low management Industrial NN or NNN properties, would consider Office or Retail. Will go to any business friendly states. Motivation: Clock going to start soon. Can Add: Additional Cash for larger deals. Remarks: Owner: BRN Longviewhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18645816/e1fc58496f11a4dd459becd117d5626bde1f2797/original.jpg?1694190967
Wichita Retail off of I-35$1,150,000Cadin LimonRetail615 E 47th St S, Wichita, KS 6721612,972 SFBenefits to New Owner: Cashflow, lease-ability from affordable rents, building has been well taken care of by an active owner. Benefits Sought: Move sideways or up into another value add opportunity, or stable cashflow. Motivation: Has owned and managed for several years and is ready to move into something new with the equity created. Have more separation from management. Can Add: Cash, $1-2M Remarks: Great opportunity for someone willing to manage the property. Property consistently hovers at around 90% occupancy. Intersection has seen major investment recently from local developers. Owner: BBHRE LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18646181/691d5d2cf18151e8f733daa9b1fb1b75892c7d9a/original.jpg?1694191355
Wichita Rental Refinance - Needing $160k$300,000Cadin LimonCash401 South Erie Street, Wichita, KS 67211Benefits to New Owner: Lender will receive interest only payments for the agreed upon amount of time, in a 1st position against strong Cash flowing real estate. Benefits Sought: Cashout refinance for $160k to pay off construction loan and redeploy capital. Ideally 1-3 year term of interest only payments. Would rather establish lending relationship with an individual than incur brain damage from a bank. Motivation: Strong motivation, construction loan is short term and needs to be paid off. Can Add: Boots on the ground for other projects, cash for right deal. Remarks: Experienced owner/operator with 60+ personal residential investment deals done since 2020, including wholesaling, airbnb, fix and flip, owner finance, etc. Owner: Cadin Limonhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18646429/ab89671b66ec569d01e01ab36812af5d65154b46/original.jpeg?1694191597
Vacant Building in Rockville IN$1,700,000Cadin LimonCommercial128 West Ohio Street, Rockville, IN 47872Benefits to New Owner: Upside in leasing or repositioning, 10 year tax abatement, historic tax credit, boots on the ground already available. Benefits Sought: Move into Cash flowing property Motivation: Owner does not want to redevelop the property, loan is coming due, get rid of eat. Can Add: Cash, leaseback, other property Remarks: Rockville sees 2M tourists a year from festivals and state parks. The city and county are very motivated to help make a deal since this building sits on their main street downtown. Backup package available upon request. Owner: HJH Rockville 1, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18646808/ef2ad3bee2054c6507825f61d5189e31803b8427/original.png?1694191961
$800,000Cadin LimonIndustrial1302 North Grand Street, Hutchinson, KS 6750114,110 SFBenefits to New Owner: Upside in leasing, leaseback available Benefits Sought: Move up, cashflow, reinvest proceeds Motivation: Property is not in owners typical purchase criteria, get rid of eat. Can Add: Cash, leaseback, will buy your deal, other property. Remarks: Very clean well taken care of building with room to add on. Ownership is very motivated so write the offer that works for you. Owner: HJH Hutchinson 1, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18647389/25b090c9d7ce4e8f4518a8d5ee234e456952c1c2/original.png?1694192505
Value Add Center in Wichita, KS$600,000Cadin LimonRetail606 West 33rd Street North, Wichita, KS 67204Benefits to New Owner: Upside in leasing, potential redevelopment opportunity, brand new Family Dollar built out front, New MF to the East, close proximity to public school. Benefits Sought: Activate equity Motivation: Owner is out of cash and inexperienced in CRE. Can Add: Remarks: Good opportunity for someone, have an event venue ready to sign a lease but landlord cannot perform the TI asked or pay leasing commissions due to cash position. Owner: UNGER MARY A TRUSThttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18648000/8a8f5748c8b8ddde41d12ef71d7135da16dbba1e/original.jpg?1694193045
$110k Note at 6.5% Interest w/ 20 year Am$110,000Cadin LimonCash/Paper1428 West Harry Street, Wichita, KS 67213Benefits to New Owner: Mailbox money serviced by Security 1st Title in Wichita KS. Benefits Sought: Use as cash towards something else, move up or sideways. Motivation: Move up or sideways, doesn't hurt to hold onto but would like to work some deals w/ people in the room! Can Add: Cash Remarks: Owner: King's Capital LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18648464/a6bbf435e80c489bd7aef0549d9bd2445fe454ce/original.png?1694193393
Path of Progress Development in Wichita, KS$495,000Cadin LimonOfficeAddress Not Disclosed, Wichita, KS Benefits to New Owner: Ground is ready to go for new owner for development of their choosing. Benefits Sought: New dirt to develop in Wichita region, activate equity. Motivation: Owner is a residential developer and would rather sell this piece to someone experienced or could stay in as partner. Can Add: Can JV with land as contribution, management experience in residential development, potentially other property, access to builders. Remarks: Land is in walking distance from the new SE Public Highschool for Wichita. Sierra Hills Golf Course is just down the street, and the avg. household income is $100k for the area. Homes are going up quick and are not showing any signs of slowing. Owner: BUFFALO GROVE DEVELOPMENT GROUP LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18648996/81adb3876b023e1a03b492a948b85ccf08a9629b/original.png?1694193776
Value Add Office in Aurora IL$6,700,000Cadin LimonOffice4222 Meridian Pkwy, Aurora, IL 6050445,163 SFBenefits to New Owner: Upside in leasing, owner is willing to leaseback vacancy while buyer fills current vacancy. Economic Prosperity: Naperville/Aurora, IL benefits from a robust economy, with a median household income of over $90,000, significantly higher than the national average, making it an attractive location for businesses seeking a financially stable customer base. Population Growth: The region has experienced consistent population growth, with a 10% increase in the past decade, indicating a rising demand for various services and office spaces. Industry Diversity: Naperville/Aurora's diverse economy includes technology, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and more, reducing the risk of overreliance on any single sector. Accessibility: Its strategic location with access to major transportation hubs, including O'Hare International Airport and major highways, provides businesses with easy connectivity to broader markets. Investment Potential: The area's strong economic fundamentals have historically contributed to property appreciation, with an average annual home price growth of 3.6%, offering long-term investment potential for office building owners. Benefits Sought: Move into cashflow, and be out of IL market. Motivation: Loan was due ""yesterday"". Can Add: Cash, will buy your deal, additional property. Remarks: Owner will leaseback vacancy for a couple years to give someone a chance to realize upside in leasing. The property is 47% vacant. Tenants are on NNN leases with bumps and options. Rent roll available upon request as well as expense info. Owner: HJH Dyson 1 LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18649333/38f444a1849782eaed4c5931c4d5d0ebe868ed52/original.jpg?1694194109
4550 W Junction, Springfield, MO 65802$9,000,000Casey MericleIndustrial4550 W Junction St, Springfield, MO 65802130,365 SFBenefits to New Owner: Once occupied, passive NNN income upside in the rents with cold storage with the ability to add opportunity zone incentives (step-up in basis) and solar array for additional juice. Benefits Sought: Take profit or stay in the deal as a local boots on the ground partner. Would trade into something that could quickly go to cash or with immediate income that was NNN. Motivation: 7 Can Add: Local help Remarks: I have this property under contract and would sell, partner or trade up. Pretty flexible. We put together a pocket listing OM (see attached), but this isn't on the market yet. Owner user is vacating after 20+ years of business. As of this posting there are no buildings available for sale or lease on Loopnet in Springfield, MO that are 30,000 or more. Which speaks to the low supply and high demand. Nothing has leased for less than $6/sq ft/year ($780,000/year NNN) in the last two years in Springfield (see attached comps) for industrial dry storage. This is one of only two cold storage facilities in Springfield. The other facility leases cold storage space by the pallet at $12/sq ft/year. Keep in mind they stack pallets 3-4 high vertically. One of the cooling elements needs repair, as of this posting I don't have an estimate for that. Big upside in the lease rates for cold storage. Approximately 6,500 sq ft of office needs finishing (Have bids for $275,000) as it's been partially remodeled. I'd lease it month-to-month for $6/sq/ft/year with a full-priced offer for up to a year to minimize leasing risk. This is perfect for an exchange that doesn't mind waiting a bit to lease up. The cap rate occupied is an 8%, with cold storage it get's to the teens. If you did solar & opportunity zone it's likely better. Owner: Interstate Leasing LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18649823/32daf2e209bd71803b68f3c73ec068cad7714a3e/original.png?1694194607
8% Preferred Return$700,000Charles E. Sutherland #184Hospitality127 International Village Drive, Helen, GA 30545Benefits to New Owner: 8% Preferred Return for investors Excellent NEW Building Condition Added Value On Sale Depreciation Tax Benefits Benefits Sought: Cash Partner(s) to Build Safe Structure for Ownership Motivation: Profit for All. Safety for All Can Add: Remarks: Development Team: Chuck Sutherland, Development Management Ernie Eden, Architect Steve Allgood, Hands-on local oversight Construction, 3rd Party TBD Owner: Innsbruck Properties LLC"https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18650100/c2adcf70c9b77519962621477fbafb44d8ad60aa/original.jpg?1694194838
Discount sale and lease back$750,000Chris GavreMultifamily700 Simpson Road #8, Anderson, SC 29621Benefits to New Owner: Property is a safe place to park money/1031 for a few years. Benefits Sought: Looking to pull out cash from the property in order to look for new opportunities to purchase. Open to trading the property for a value add multifamily/mobile home park/warehouse. Motivation: Can Add: Remarks: Owner: Chris Gavre
Cash$50,000,000Cole SchweinCashAddress Not Disclosed, Farmers Branch, TX https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18650741/bf5cce527a85ac1e2a17aac3167c9c6f2cc6e0c8/original.jpeg?1694195405
KY Industrial Investment Opportunity$2,000,000Dana Barnes #104IndustrialKentucky, Lebanon Junction, KY 40150426,299 SFBenefits to New Owner: Preferred return and percentage of upside; proven track record, no capital calls, no personal liability. Benefits Sought: Cash from 100K to 2MM. Motivation: Looking to fully fund equity portion of the project. Can Add: Multiple other passive investment opportunities. Remarks: Owner: MCD Industrial, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18651041/a31eabf59d1e11e1492341f568569d1719c1f531/original.jpg?1694195664
SEEKING VALUE ADD JV DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES$250,000Darryl McCullough, CCIM #156Cash19 Pineridge Gate, Gravenhurst, ON P1P 1Y4Benefits to New Owner: Benefits Sought: Passive involvement/Active returns. 3 years max preferred for equity returns. Motivation: 5 Can Add: Additional Cash and/or equities via further partner creation. Remarks: Asset Class not as important as Partner Relationship. Owner: Darryl McCullough via LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18651428/4828e6be5e014b978733bee23476eb8ef7d28b8f/original.jpeg?1694195975
Northeast Development Land$7,649,136David Leyh #303Land1422 East 21st Street North, Wichita, KS 6721416.2 AcresBenefits to New Owner: Zoned and platted commercial land in the path of growth, low holding cost as use is agriculture. Seller is a very capable but conservative. Benefits Sought: Income, development partner, possible JV, equity share. likes STNL Motivation: Convert land holdings to income. Grow equity holdings. Generational wealth Can Add: Other Land, Cash (very conservative) Remarks: Will sell on terms, divide, ground lease, BTS, JV, subordinate for right use Owner: FBI LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18651757/046fa58e8d86d2f49aa9c58b456dc1108399471c/original.jpeg?1694196305
North Greenwich Rd Land$3,095,600David Leyh #303IndustrialNWc 45th St. N. & Greenwich Bel Aire KS (suburbs of Wichita), Bel Aire, KS 67220Benefits to New Owner: Zoned Manufacturing (which allows all types of use), in the path of growth, has possible 10 yr tax deferment depending on development use. Benefits Sought: Cash, JV, Income property build to suite Motivation: to create income or further equity position in larger properties. Invest in stable asset, trade for depreciable assets. Can Add: Additional land, cash Remarks: Quality property in the path of development. Owner: FBI LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18652022/d4772ce3e0e9385f6dada3be40703425dba5bebc/original.jpeg?1694196553
21st Street Development Land$14,165,000David Leyh #303Development21st N. & 159th St. E., Wichita, KS 67230Benefits to New Owner: Zoned platted with all utilities available ready to develop in key locations along the major path of growth in the ultra prime NE Wichita corridor Benefits Sought: Income, JV, Build To Suites, land leases, trade, Will consider subordination for right use. Motivation: Activate the asset for Long Term Income and wealth creation Can Add: Additional Land cash Remarks: Long term client of mine that always performs and makes transactions easy. Owner: FBI LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18652239/8f11531fce8431cab46dc660269ca93ee4707872/original.jpeg?1694196772
North Greenwich Road Land II$3,071,600David Leyh #303IndustrialNorth of the NEc 45th & Greenwich, Bel Aire, KS 67226Benefits to New Owner: Zoned manufacturing (wide use zoning class) in the path of growth has possible 10 yr tax deferment depending on the development use. Benefits Sought: Cash, Income property, build to suite, JV, Subordination, subdivision, Motivation: Activate equity, crate income stream, grow equity and wealth trade for depreciable asset. Can Add: Additional land and cash Remarks: Quality location in the path of growth waiting for development to come to the property. Owner: FBI LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18652727/3f366d5bd634e2c76b1acc6ccf86151dc0de2b1b/original.jpeg?1694197262
Central & 127th Street Development Land$314,672David Leyh #303Development437 North 127th Street East, Wichita, KS 67206Benefits to New Owner: Small sized land tract with all the utilities in place and drainage engineered and set ready to develop. Benefits Sought: Cash Income JV, Build to Suite, larger project, STNL, wealth/equity opportunity Motivation: Activate the equity for generational investment Can Add: Other land in the book and cash Remarks: Site is surrounded by Fidelity Bank, Crestview liquor (High End), German Automotive, Edward Jones, 278 unit Case apartment across the street a new Cottages at Crestview apt under construction, new 50 unit duplex development @ $280k door, New office development scheduled to start soon. Owner: Shaheen Real Estate LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18652891/4777a2da6410e81b1811e7790e45a3357116ac91/original.jpeg?1694197403
Half Million Dollar 1031 Exchange Need$504,000Don Erler1031Address Not Disclosed, Farmers Branch, TX Benefits to New Owner: Benefits Sought: Complete simple 1031 purchase(s) without additional leverage (except for possible seller carryback) in property that can be sold quickly and easily should the buyers needs change in the future. Motivation: Strong with ID period expiring soon. Can Add: Nothing Remarks: Owner: Laurie & Andy Muddhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18653200/22de497ba19220e60b989d3769f0a1d98667b9fb/original.png?1694197724
Signalized Hard Corner Commercial Development Land in Southern Indiana$2,800,000Don ErlerDevelopment5201 Indiana 62, Jeffersonville, IN 47130Benefits to New Owner: One of the few hard corners remaining for commercial development near the River Ridge Commercial Center with over 20 million SF of logistics warehousing built in the past 10 years and lots more to come. Benefits Sought: Owner does not want to develop (built new facility at another location), but wants to take this free & clear property into an investment that generates income and can be sold in the future for the widow's cash needs. Motivation: Average (strong if a solution for acquiring the missing frontage can be found). Can Add: Nothing Remarks: This property has a ""missing tooth"" (non-ownership of some Highway 62 frontage that has not been available to acquire due to a medical reimbursement issue). Exchangor would like to have the room help with solutions on how to acquire the missing frontage with triggering the medical reimbursement issue that the other ownership has. Owner: Estate of Howard Cunningham, Georgia Cunningham & Cunningham Enterprises, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18653485/dba753e3e9ba8d571cb60a9318792ab3790dd9cf/original.jpg?1694197968
Rare Walgreens Sale Leasebacks$4,000,000Dorothy LeeRetail577 Meadow Street, Chicopee, MA 1013"Benefits to New Owner: True mailbox money, built in increases in rent helps hedge against inflation, strong credit tenant who just signed a new 15 year lease shows commitment. Benefits Sought: Cash out Motivation: Recoup capital Can Add: Remarks: Owner: https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18655245/fd0349ad60839e73bd653063dc6726994ca85484/original.png?1694199457
Rare, new 15 year Walgreens with Rent Increases$4,547,000Dorothy LeeRetail1180 French Road, Cheektowaga, NY 14227Benefits to New Owner: True mailbox money, rent increases help hedge against inflation, strong tenant sign new 15 year lease shows commitment to site. Benefits Sought: Cash out Motivation: Can Add: Remarks: Owner: https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18655489/7e9522b1f56066ffdbc25a913baea0d5fa2d0cad/original.png?1694199678
Regal Cinemas - Below Replacement Value$3,828,480Dorothy LeeRetail3849 South Delsea Drive, Vineland, NJ 8360Benefits to New Owner: High cap rate (10%), approximately 10 acres of land. Benefits Sought: Relinquish single tenant property from their portfolio due to lack of expertise Motivation: Shopping mall owner carving out parcel to focus on their bread and butter - malls/multi tenant retail. Can Add: Other Regal Theaters, distressed shopping centers Remarks: Owner: https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18655741/7abf6b2400f168b8461ec6eaf70589b73faff851/original.png?1694199924
Family Dollar - El Paso MSA$1,083,871Dorothy LeeRetailAddress Not Disclosed, El Paso, TX Benefits to New Owner: All 3rd party reports completed and 'clean' for a smooth transaction. Nearest dollar stores are located over 20 miles north and 60 miles south. Newer built building (2017) Benefits Sought: Cash out Motivation: Can Add: Remarks: Owner: https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18656060/e242add8b6c4fd4fb166ad0a12a28600b992a653/original.png?1694200165
CASH$1,000,000Eric HillenbrandCashAddress Not Disclosed, Indianapolis, IN Benefits to New Owner: Benefits Sought: Cash looking for ""under appreciated"" assets who need a infusion of capital, creativity and hustle. Looking for some in place income and some vacancy. Motivation: HIGH Can Add: Remarks: WE ARE ACQUIRING THE FOLLOWING PROPERTY TYPES. WE ARE NOT GEOGRAPHICALLY BOUND. PLEASE SEND ME YOUR SUGGESTIONS: *INDUSTRIAL* 20,000 + SF 20% VACANT OR NEEDS RENOVATION *RETAIL* 20,000 + SF 20% VACANT OR NEEDS RENOVATION *SELF STORAGE* 20,000 + SF Owner: https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18656452/1a40eb10c2e78438be30e0fa16f3cfd0c2a004b9/original.jpeg?1694200505
ONE OF A KIND TUSCAN CUSTOM HOME$2,200,000James JaramilloOffice10006 Loretta Drive Northwest, Albuquerque, NM 87114Benefits to New Owner: Existing AirBnB, with potential to be wedding event center. Potential to increase cash flow. Get involved with Netflix, NBC and many other major studios. Can capitalize on low interest rate. Benefits Sought: Trade house into larger investments, convert house into commercial investment, cash, real estate, signatures. Motivation: Move eqity to a new project. Owners don't have time to manage. Can Add: Land, signatures or cash. Remarks: AirBnB/event center awaiting aggressive entrepreneur. Fully furnished on 1 acre with casita, cinema room and 4 car garage. Home is smarter than the owners! Surround sound throughout, backs up to Rio Grande. Owner: Iron Investment Group, LLC James Jaramillohttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18657136/16299e9929c4129f5292ab889d7e2d932de22e47/original.jpg?1694201083
Free and Clear Land near Telsa in Austin$2,499,000Janice LandersMultifamily7400 Gilbert Rd, Manor, TX 78653Benefits to New Owner: 105 units, the site plan was engineered. Housing is needed in this area. Utilities are available New 12"" water lines- service has been applied for. Sewer is being brought into this area next to the site. Many developments in planning surrounding this area. Minutes to the new Telsa Giga Factory that is 10.7 Million sq ft on 2500 acres. Benefits Sought: They will also look at putting up the land and structuring a joint venture. They want investment land in Austin areas only or cash flowing property Motivation: They want to sell but won't give it away, they have the sustaining power to hold. Can Add: Potentially other properties Remarks: Owner: My clientshttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18657576/1f07c68229e6bfad7832e6f06075d23264b34ad2/original.png?1694201502
Prime area land ready for development$6,534,000Dorothy LeeLandTexas 29, Liberty Hill, TX 78641Benefits to New Owner: Will sell part, JV or seller finance. I have 1 acre I can sell at market rates and other parties I could bring to this deal. Benefits Sought: Needs cash for another project. Motivation: High Can Add: Another 12 acre next to this property Remarks: Owner: https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18657981/c96208062d0ca928e80842f5457770ac61f0ffe3/original.png?1694201851
Austin Area entitled Retail and flex property$3,299,670Dorothy LeeRetail964 Bagdad Rd, Leander, TX 78641Benefits to New Owner: Free and Clear. We just started pre-leasing. Entitled- site plan permitted. Architectural plans, detention Benefits Sought: Free up some capital for other projects Motivation: Medium, He owns this free and clear and doesn't have to sell. Can Add: Remarks: Owner: https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18659026/6541a2ac1be60f6ccf3724805dee73a856094365/original.png?1694202784
Land for your deal - make this one go away!$285,000Jason Mittman #158LandAddress Not Disclosed, Baldwin, MI Benefits to New Owner: Use my land as equity for your deal. Will JV, will allow debt placed on the land. Benefits Sought: Activate equity, trade into your deal. Motivation: Motivated to move through this in calendar year 2022. Will review ALL OFFERS Can Add: Variety of properties, signature for the right deal, expertise. Remarks: Submit all offers. Owner: Rancier Investment 1, LLC"https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18659342/054e7425f62fe4d603a19ea4ac492facdb44a669/original.PNG?1694203044
Signalized ready to go corner in TX$1,000,000Jason Mittman #158Land617 Gruene Rd, New Braunfels, TX 781302,085,696,360 SFBenefits to New Owner: Ready to go hard corner! Benefits Sought: Activate equity into new deal. Go to cash. Motivation: Can Add: Remarks: Bring all reasonable offers Owner: 617 Gruene Rd, LLC
Austin, TX 100% Leased Class A Medical Building - Credit Tenants$8,558,400Jason Mittman #158Office151 Stagecoach Trl, San Marcos, TX 7866626,500 SFBenefits to New Owner: Strong Credit. Tenant's with annual rent bumps. Class A well managed building. Includes adjoining 2 acres with built detention pond ready to develop. Benefits Sought: Activate equity, end partnership. Motivation: Can Add: Cash into your deal. Remarks: Owner: 2202 Hunter Road Investments, LPhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18660153/aacfb87be33354b21931c43ec5344f4c04b01cf9/original.jpeg?1694203711
Copper Mountain, CO Ski Condo$700,000Jason Mittman #158Condo56 Uneva Place, Frisco, CO 80443Benefits to New Owner: Wonderful vacation condo in the mountains for winter and summer fun. Cover a significant portion of ownership from the short term rental income. Benefits Sought: Activate equity or take cash for future deals. Motivation: Can Add: Shopping centers, medical office building, land. Remarks: Live listing here: https://www.vacasa.com/unit/70384 Owner: Jason Mittman, Individually
Distressed asset fund$100,000Jason Mittman #158Cash14070 Proton Road, Farmers Branch, TX 75244Benefits to New Owner: Opportunity in the coming market changes and the value from that correction. Benefits Sought: Passive investors looking for a skilled investor with a multi-decade track record and an established team of experts. Motivation: Can Add: Remarks: Owner: Only Epic Holdings Value Add Fund Ihttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18660581/ba0c6d54c23790f37a222465bcfbf3ebc73ecf34/original.jpeg?1694204145
Gated and Fenced 20 acre Lot for Parking$2,000,000Jen EndersonParking/Storage1930 South 74th Street, Kansas City, KS 66106Benefits to New Owner: Ability to rent out spaces for truck/trailer/vehicle parking/storage. Benefits Sought: Motivation: Can Add: Remarks: Owner: 123 Holding, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18661177/1f150b22e454b37075fa77df50bd2ff47e04c10d/original.jpg?1694204737
40,000 Sq Ft Industrial Building in Heavy Industrial Park$9,000,000Jen EndersonIndustrial6220 Kansas Avenue, Kansas City, KS 6611140,000 SFBenefits to New Owner: Benefits Sought: Motivation: Owners are wanting to sell. They will also consider a lease at $37,000 per month, triple net. Can Add: Remarks: Owner: K32 Reserve, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18661473/b7fca4a30dfd08b05947cbc2bc68df97d38dbcc5/original.png?1694204990
Retail Strip Center in Kansas City, MO$1,500,000Jen EndersonRetail4021 Sterling Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64133Benefits to New Owner: Building is located in a high traffic area just off the interstate. Benefits Sought: Motivation: Can Add: Remarks: Owner: Executive Plaza Suites, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18661801/e6aeb15894d1ab5a52b9fe8a0bd08b4ff2286e1e/original.jpeg?1694205240
Trucking Facility & Truck/Trailer Parking/Storage in Heavy Industrial Park$15,000,000Jen EndersonIndustrialConfidential Listing, Kansas City, KS Confidential listing. All interested parties must sign a Confidentiality Agreement prior to release of any additional information.https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18662275/65d5b4774940ca90465b0588e02cdd13c4a791e1/original.jpg?1694205700
Land Near 470 In Kansas City, MO$400,000Jen EndersonLand10103 & 10157 Blue Ridge Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64134https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18662526/8ca36ea5837627adbd4899b3edc93907773abff7/original.jpg?1694205910
Gas Station & Convenient Store in Kansas City's Eastside$1,350,000Jen EndersonRetail3816 E 31st St, Kansas City, MO 641281,475 SFhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18662671/4cdd30a84f70f617ab2b224e036110dba1912cf3/original.jpg?1694206088
Commercial Land in Johnson County Kansas$299,999Jen EndersonLand20087 Metcalf Avenue, Stilwell, KS 66085https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18662941/8312c054ad6c9a2f0f4801956a520ebdee7b24f7/original.jpg?1694206352
Eugene Mountains - Pershing County, Nevada$500,000Jennifer LinnLand13 APN#s 00865001-00865007 & 00865010-00865015, Pershing County, NV Benefits to New Owner: Off grid, avoid taxes, hunting, just north of The Playa where Burning Man is held, nature, placer mine area Benefits Sought: A rehab project, something that he physically has to go do. Will JV, will syndicate. He likes ugly properties, likes change of use. Wants a challenge. Motivation: Scale of 1-10, he is at a 10 Can Add: Additional land in New York, commercial land in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky @ exit ramp on Bluegrass Pkwy, and a well-seasoned Frank Dodd note, disabled veteran (pays like clockwork,) for $100,000 (+/-), Expertise, experience on projects, will move to the project and run it. Remarks: Owner: Finalis Investment Trust, a SEC is a partnerhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18663606/1805b8548c8fb4f03bdef6e214223f7920d9cc68/original.JPG?1694206955
Buildable Lot for Sale w/ Owner Financing - Phase 2 of Birch Hollow$57,500Jenny FrasureLandBirch Hollow, Stanton, KY 40380Benefits to New Owner: Can be SFR, 2nd home, or short-term rental. The next Phase of Birch Hollow now being developed as the current phase is sold out. Very popular tourist area filled with activities less than 10 minutes from the Natural Bridge State Park in the heart of a growing tourist area. Located 2 hours from Louisville, 2 hours from Cincinnati, and 45 minutes from Lexington. Benefits Sought: Long time owner is ready to move on. Owner is savvy real estate investor who likes NNN or opportunities in retail and hotel. Motivation: 7 Can Add: 60% seller financing for the lot. Remarks: https://cabinsofbirchhollow.com https://my.flexmls.com/JennyFrasure/search/email_links/20230816112112343744000000/listings/20230805221102571080000000 We are a 300-Acre Private Mountain Retreat With Scenic Views Of the Daniel Boone National Forest located just minutes from the Spectacular Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge Sandstone Arch. Within our community you'll find more than 6 miles of hiking trails, multiple ponds for fishing, and remnants of houses going back over 200 years. Owner: Grassy Creek II LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18797855/3702101b534b6b9c4e0a55748a6c4b08cf72fcbf/original.jpg?1694394232
Hot Development Opportunity in a Hot Market - Upstate SC$565,000Jeremiah PhillipsLand123 North Main Street, Mauldin, SC 296622.4 AcresBenefits to New Owner: Forced appreciation through development in a high demand area. Cashflow and accelerated depreciation from the property once completed and stabilized. Benefits Sought: Development partner and/or funding partners Motivation: Young investor looking to connect with a mentor Can Add: Boots on the ground and local contacts Remarks: Ownership is open to all offers Owner: Sage REIhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18798278/1a967b06d6e2a0ec35ccabc6cbdcbdf8fa483154/original.jpg?1694394653
18k sf Flex Industrial in Wild West Texas$775,000Jeremiah PhillipsIndustrial1109 Kemper St, Lubbock, TX 7940318,000 SFBenefits to New Owner: Owner user or NNN leases. Market lease rate is $72k per year so there's still a good amount of profit potential on this deal. Benefits Sought: Stabilized and safe returns Motivation: Looking to go up Can Add: Can add CASH and/ or notes to go up to +/- $3M Remarks: Buyer's $800k purchase option failed due to not getting a USDA lease awarded to him. Owner: BEACHWOOD INVESTMENTS LLC & HARMON BLUE LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18798549/a13013e55a7460827e1e5dc13c40359e0be16065/original.jpeg?1694394897
Montana MOB (Billings, MT)Subject To OfferJeremiah PhillipsOffice1701 Avenue E, Billings, MT 591029,894 SFBenefits to New Owner: New 5 year NN corporate lease with a single 5 year option Landlord pays roof, foundation, exterior and HVAC New Roof installed August 2022 8 furnaces 5 A/C units (two are less than 3 years old) 3 Hot Water Heaters ( 2 are less than 5 years old) Benefits Sought: Activate Equity Motivation: Sold the business and now looking to sell the property Can Add: Additional building in Greenville, SC Remarks: Debt Schedule: Possible assumption of some of the debt First Interstate Bank Rate: 5.25% Remaining Balance: $84,310 5 year term Montana Board of Investment Rate: 5.11% Remaining Balance: $337,240 20 year term Small Business Association Rate: 2.48% Remaining Balance: $357,271 25 year term Owner: CAMP Properties, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18798923/42724a659c93c604048e3342a8353cfff8e49b6e/original.png?1694395270
MOB in GVL (Greenville, SC)Subject To OfferJeremiah PhillipsOffice31 Brendan Way, Greenville, SC 29615Benefits to New Owner: 3 year NNN lease with one 5 year renewal Executed Aug 1, 2023 $8.75 per sq/ft5 A/C heat pump units. All 5 replaced in 2022 Benefits Sought: Activate Equity Motivation: Focus on the business Can Add: MOB in Billings, MT Remarks: Loan Details: Payment: $3,036 Rate: 4.5% Term: 5 years Remaining balance: $443,747 Owner: Southern Site Properties, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18799292/ec921cc69df9e4f1af1fc74160e5bbc5e81a754f/original.jpeg?1694395635
24 Unit Multi-Family$1,200,000Jim CarmichaelMultifamily5536 Scott Street, Burlington, KY 41005Benefits to New Owner: Good cash flow now with upside in rents and room to expand. Benefits Sought: Larger property, cash flow Motivation: Get partners into a cashflow position Can Add: Remarks: Seller financing available Owner: Riverside 25 LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18799543/9a6d131777a961fd149ee7284095bbb72869bccf/original.jpg?1694395879
2.54 Acres Zoned C2$955,000Jim CarmichaelLand6823 Dixie Highway, Florence, KY 410422.54 AcresBenefits to New Owner: Over 18k vehicles per day traffic, lays flat, all utilities at site ready to develop. Benefits Sought: NNN cash flow Motivation: Can Add: Remarks: Owner: Cooper Holdings LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18799695/72c2f74d4f84a04ac408cc1a16848ad70df8a3bc/original.jpg?1694396043
27 acres for estate lots$540,000Jim CarmichaelLand1159 Independence Rd, Walton, KY 41094135,555,496,560 SFBenefits to New Owner: Estate Lot opportunity Benefits Sought: Cash Flow Motivation: Trying to set up retirement Can Add: Note Holder Remarks: Owner: J Peattyhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18799901/6659d400581bdbb5acf71d82b9c26299413f45d4/original.jpg?1694396209
16 Rental House Portfolio$4,801,200Joe HamptonMultifamily10533a Timberwood Circle, Louisville, KY 40223Benefits to New Owner: Own a class A portfolio of rental houses in one of the most affordable cities in the US. All are rented and are in very good condition. Get immediate income. Benefits Sought: Owner wants to do a 1031 tax deferred exchange. Owner will consider all property categories except office buildings. Owner is not area bound, in fact , likes vacation areas like Florida, Colorado, Hawaii, etc. He really likes Airbnb properties. Motivation: Owner wants to move from multiple rentals to fewer larger properties. Can Add: Remarks: Most of the houses have long term tenants. Based on the current market there is an upside in rents in the 5-8%range. Owner: Pillar Properties Inc
Purchasing Notes$1,000,000Jonathan HornCashAddress Not Disclosed, Farmers Branch, TX Benefits to New Owner: Min of 10%. Looking to purchase notes secured by a low LTV mtg or notes that are secured by a LOC or similar. Must be comfortable with the asset. Benefits Sought: Motivation: Can Add: Remarks: Owner: https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18800557/967fe8d22ef41e0d28f8c7895b61a4da63d51fce/original.jpeg?1694396812
Ground Lease Capital (Bifurcation)$50,000,000Jonathan HornCashAddress Not Disclosed, Farmers Branch, TX Benefits to New Owner: Based on the NOI from the leasehold first- no more than 25% of the NOI from leasehold (based on the last 3-5 years) shall be allocated to the ground. Ground lease purchase price/total value - no more than 25%-33% depending on the asset. Benefits Sought: Motivation: Can Add: Remarks: Owner: https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18800695/2be1182db5b3f29532e9bbef056a276f6866a1b8/original.jpeg?1694396953
SEASONED SINGLE TENANT, NET LEASE DEALSSubject To OfferJonathan HornRetailAddress Not Disclosed, Farmers Branch, TX Benefits to New Owner: Seeking seasoned (older), short term, Triple Net Lease properties that originally had leases that were 15 years or longer. I.E. CVS, Circle K, 7-11, AutoZone, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.etc. to name just a few Benefits Sought: Motivation: Can Add: Remarks: Owner:
Mortgage Note to Trade UpSubject To OfferJonathan HornOther14070 Proton Road, Farmers Branch, TX 75244Benefits to New Owner: Note/Mortgage in Palestine, TX. would prefer to use the note to trade into real estate Benefits Sought: Note/Mortgage in Palestine, TX. would prefer to use the note to trade into real estate Motivation: Can Add: Cash. deal dependent. Remarks: Owner:
Note- Orange, TXSubject To OfferJonathan HornPaper14070 Proton Road, Farmers Branch, TX 75244Benefits to New Owner: Benefits Sought: Motivation: Would like to trade this up to a real estate investment. can combine other notes and add cash for the right deal. Can Add: cash, other notes Remarks: Owner: Jonathan Hornhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18801268/11644dfdf764c8d5305eb1f98b399047467c2091/original.jpeg?1694397503
Kingston Point Terminal$5,375,000Joseph DeeganIndustrialAddress Not Disclosed, Kingston, NY Benefits to New Owner: Stable Cash flow. Redevelopment Potential at lease termination if tenant does not review for an 11 year term. Benefits Sought: Partnership would like to go down and out. One partner 76, the other 83. Motivation: There is a heightened interest in selling for estate planning purposes. Can Add: Nothing. Remarks: Solid 8 cap deal. No intensive management issues. Easy. No facility like this will be built on the shores of the Hudson River in my lifetime! Replacement cost EXTREME. Owner: Kingston Point Terminal Inc.https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18801882/79d75b5fb2cecfef732f63e26107f4d5aa64851a/original.jpg?1694398102
Hudson River Development Site$595,000Joseph DeeganLandAddress Not Disclosed, New York, NY Benefits to New Owner: Hudson river Water front property with deep water access and views that excel. Benefits Sought: Cash or exchange out. Motivation: High. Would like to activate equity. Can Add: Some cash Remarks: Kingston area is experiencing massive growth and has a housing shortage. Housing at this location would be unique and sought after. Owner: 4RAYLLC/KSDSKIDAYLLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18802229/9412d7e75b69f975e85edc8408aab45ba1ef5737/original.jpg?1694398456
Q2/Q3 2024 1031 CashSubject To OfferJoseph DeeganCashAddress Not Disclosed, Farmers Branch, TX Benefits to New Owner: i can fund the 400K now for the right transaction and create a reverse 1031. I can also exchange up and take on more debt for the right project/property. Benefits Sought: Cash Flow. I am looking to activate equity of approximately 400K that is currently idle. I can go into a value add deal, own land under a project, exchange up, etc. Motivation: High. Properties i am exchanging out of are not currently on the market as i want to identify where equity is going if at all possible. I am faced with an interest rate hike Q1 2025 if i do not make this transaction happen. I have notified all tenants that they need to vacate by 2/28/24. Can Add: Some cash. Remarks: Ready to go. Let's talk. i have a lot of ways to structure this. Owner: 325 Albany Avenue LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18802420/4722ff2cd69f0e0905b20cc9ab805d14627eab69/original.png?1694398635
Lakeview Landing$7,500,000Katie CrotzerLandLandings Court, Willisburg, KY 40078Benefits to New Owner: Path of progress. Buy now, Build now or Later. 30 Minutes from Lexington, Shelbyville or Elizabethtown (Blue Oval, Amazon, over 20 million sq ft on Industrial Developments) Possible owner financing Benefits Sought: Move into Retail, Industrial, Hospitality.. Value add properties Motivation: Savy Real Estate Exchangers... Will be creative Can Add: Signing, expertise in Retail, Commercial, Storage, Industrial, RV Parks Local oversight. Remarks: Multiple lots available. Can take some or all! Great Development that is ready for your new single family construction. Homes that have been built are owner occupied or 2nd homes. Just 2 miles from Bluegrass Parkway. WWW.LakeviewLandings.com Owner:
Short Term Rental Consulting/ Resort RedevelopmentSubject To OfferKatie CrotzerSpecial PurposeAddress Not Disclosed, Farmers Branch, TX Benefits to New Owner: I will help build your team!! Management/Hosting/Planning Consulting Analyze your project or your clients project to evaluate the potential profitablity. Benefits Sought: Equity in value add properties. Consulting Opportunities Motivation: 5 Can Add: Consulting, Experience, Management, Equity Remarks: Offering my services with proven track record in resort development/redevelopment, building, remodeling, designing of midterm, short term rentals, Consulting, partnership, open to opportunities Owner: Katie Crotzerhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18802839/c70336d8c1a4cb6ecd2f8bf867d070787ddf61a4/original.jpg?1694399032
Single Family RentalsSubject To OfferKatie CrotzerMultifamilyAddress Not Disclosed, Lexington, KY Benefits to New Owner: Cash flow, retirement plan Benefits Sought: Building portfolio for retirement. Owner financing a plus. Geographically bound (Kentucky) Motivation: 5 Can Add: cash, purchase additional properties Remarks: Client has been counseled. Currently has long term single family rental properties. Looking to add quality properties to their portfolio that will cash flow. Owner:
Land in Kentucky$359,900Katie CrotzerLandBrowns Store Road, Lawrenceburg, KY 4034258 AcresBenefits to New Owner: Retreat/Hunting/farming Possible Division to smaller lots Benefits Sought: Getting out of farming/maintenance. Downsizing Motivation: 5 Can Add: Single family lots Remarks: Owner: https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18803274/dcc19f827059072c28c29495cfa12724b95c2e61/original.jpeg?1694399456
Lakeview LandingSubject To OfferKatie CrotzerLandLandings Ct, Willisburg, KY 4007834,932,506,400 SFBenefits to New Owner: Ready to build lots close to jobs and highway Owner financing possible Benefits Sought: Move thru project to retail, storage, industrial Motivation: 7 Can Add: Possible Owner Financing Remarks: Development is on the bourbon trail, there is also over 30 million sq ft of industrial being developed within 30 minutes bring in 7500 jobs. Owner:https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18804912/126b29e7461e7ba2503de19fcb133f45271ba0a2/original.jpg?1694401043
Commercial and Hospitality and Retail, Oh My!$23,000,000Kirsten DinkinsLand3423 Clemson Blvd, Anderson, SC 2962193.34 AcresBenefits to New Owner: Opportunity to Partner with SEC Can Split Local Boots on the ground Will sell, trade, finance, contribute Experienced investor, developer, etc... bring all creative offers! Benefits Sought: Activate Equity for partial cash out and partial move up Motivation: Estate Planning Can Add: Cash Signature Other Property Remarks: Appraisals have been ordered. Owner: Epstein Trusthttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18805579/1fc5c668fcafa9bb86e1633e2c3562325f9937c9/original.png?1694401686
$5,000,000 CASH - NOT 1031$5,000,000Kirsten DinkinsCashAddress Not Disclosed, Farmers Branch, TX Benefits to New Owner: Buyer likes High Profile Assets Will buy in the Northeast & West Coast Benefits Sought: Deploy capital Motivation: Looking attractive returns Can Add: More cash & properties Lending Remarks: Sophisticated, high level investor and business professional. Owner: Mr. Cash Buyerhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18805751/d5733c4974c6fe54033a80815446803d5a2db015/original.jpeg?1694401843
Big Money HML$5,000,000Kirsten DinkinsCashAddress Not Disclosed, Farmers Branch, TX Benefits to New Owner: Established lender that is easy to work with and makes quick decisions. Benefits Sought: Great lending opportunities & long term borrower relationships Motivation: Create new loans & relationships Can Add: More cash Properties Signature Remarks: Typical HML. Rate and Points determined on a deal by deal basis. Owner: Mr. CEO,OOO,OOOhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18805908/76950473dfc2f379b5d2f9f38ec14647779298a1/original.jpeg?1694401981
NEW BUILD EXTENDED STAY: STAY APT SUITES COLUMBIA MO$14,245,000Kurt LordHospitality3700 Flanders Ct, Columbia, MO 652028,972 SFBenefits to New Owner: High return on equity investment. Can take min of $50,000. Accelerated return of investors investment. High demand area for mid scale extended stay. Growth market with 3 main revenue drivers. Midwest region. Benefits Sought: Passive investors who seek cash flow. Motivation: High and flexible with equity invetors. Can Add: Remarks: Owner: Kurt Lord and Dan Englandhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18806256/2ea31bc1bffd7f044ae0bda8d4cb1757683977d7/original.jpg?1694402308
BRANSON EXTENDED STAY EXISTING PROPERTYSubject To OfferKurt LordHospitalityAddress Not Disclosed, Branson, MO Benefits to New Owner: Existing property to be renovated into large extended stay property. Benefits Sought: Investors who want to invest in existing property renovated for extended stay in high demand market. Motivation: Structuring deal to close in 4th qtr 2023 Can Add: Remarks: Owner: Existing owner to continue in participation
Cash AvailableSubject To OfferKyle TablerCashAddress Not Disclosed, Farmers Branch, TX Benefits to New Owner: Cash to Invest Benefits Sought: Return of 8-12% Payback in year or less. Motivation: Can Add: Remarks: Owner: Kyle Tablerhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18845280/7b99d7382da05bca09615a656cfb29f79313604a/original.jpeg?1694439842
Jasper TX Helicopter Hangar$799,000Leigh Anne AhrIndustrial3 Parkway Blvd, 3 Parkway Blvd, Jasper Texas, TX 75951Benefits to New Owner: Can modify & expand the bldg for airplane usage. There are no other tracts with runway access without waiting for FAA design & approvals. Benefits Sought: Motivation: Seller has left the industry and will work with any interested party. Can Add: Remarks: Owner: North Star Holdings Inc.https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18845849/c7b6896bdac897bae834d446923daa2ac61f9757/original.jpg?1694440255
2580 NW Loop 336 Conroe TX - 1 acre$250,000Leigh Anne AhrRetail2580 NW Loop 336, Conroe, TX 77304Benefits to New Owner: Benefits Sought: Seller wants to liquidate this small site they cleared 5 years ago. Tract is adjoining Conroe ISD properties with utilities at the frontage. Motivation: Quick cash out. Can Add: Seller would pledge the property for a development to be taken out upon securing permanent financing. Remarks: Site is in the path of progress, the neighboring non-school tract is being cleared for a new retail development. Owner: Sunny Kotak
Baxter Office Condo$659,000Mark Mayfield, CCIM #155Office1012 Market Street, Suite 304 & 305, Fort Mill, SC 29708Benefits to New Owner: Stable cash flowing asset with upside in irreplaceable location. Benefits Sought: Cash to purchase beach house in Surfside Beach, SC. Motivation: Wants to use equity to purchase beach house. Can Add: $100,000 cash Remarks: Owner: Infiniti Point Development, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18846461/f95ec5a6084e35b93a007952a268e2df739e095f/original.png?1694440818
Cash For Boat & RV Storage Facilities$5,000,000Nicholas Hakim #139CashAddress Not Disclosed, Farmers Branch, TX Benefits to New Owner: Benefits Sought: Seeking to assemble a portfolio of Boat & RV Storage facilities. Prefer covered or enclosed opportunities, will consider uncovered facilities as well. Southeastern geographies preferred (coastal or marine centered markets a plus). Motivation: Can Add: Cash, mobile home communities, other. Ask! Remarks: Owner: Pioneer Communities, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18847097/dcef31274da7c50a2e37d71107e763da7f2d1cd1/original.jpeg?1694441403
Crestwood Estates MHC Acquisition$35,000,000Nicholas Hakim #139Multifamily1138 Chattahoochee Dr, Savannah, TX 76227191,664,000 SFBenefits to New Owner: Crestwood Estates represents a unique opportunity to acquire one of the largest institutional-quality MHCs in San Antonio with rents and occupancy significantly below market due to owner neglect. Purchase price represents a significant discount to replacement cost. Institutional quality infrastructure and size, below market rents and opportunity to increase occupancy via strategic infill program. Experienced sponsorship team with proven track record in similar transactions. Benefits Sought: LP equity is in place, however we are seeking a well-heeled partner as a back stop for lender net worth / liquidity requirements. Willing to provide exposure to general partner economics. Motivation: Can Add: Residential development land in Huntsville, AL, other manufactured housing communities, cash. Remarks: Opportunity to own one of the last sizable ""mom & pop"" owned MHC's in Texas at a value below replacement cost in a growing part of San Antonio. Owner: Pioneer Communities, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18847574/c5f090fb15e0ee17d9fc239d7088907ccee7e126/original.jpg?1694441875
Huntsville AL Residential Development Land$4,300,000Nicholas Hakim #139Land553 Baltimore Hill Road, Huntsville, AL 3581060 AcresBenefits to New Owner: Ready to go land in a growing area of Huntsville with no zoning restrictions. Benefits Sought: Seeking to liquidate our land position to free up cash for acquisitions Motivation: 5/10 Can Add: Other Huntsville development land with entitlements in place, mobile home parks, cash. Remarks: Would consider a recap or joint venture here. Owner: Pioneer Communities, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18847698/4dc1272c3fabfe1aa906988575283cbe85435b8c/original.png?1694442009
Passive Income$12,000,000Nick Nichols #165Office2451 Flagsmoor Dr, Snellville, GA 300783,428 SFBenefits to New Owner: Cash flow, possible upside with rent bump (not increased in over 6 years). 15% increases cash flow by $14,000. Can be passive cash flow, as current owner will consider, sell-net lease back. Will create paper and trade paper. Benefits Sought: Increase cash flow. Does not have to be immediate increase. Will solve problems. Will take on non bank debt. Motivation: Increase cash flow. Will go out, or stay in title. Can Add: Possible paper to $500,000. Remarks: This property can be easily managed remotely. Owner: Woodstock Road Trusthttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18847912/6b9700b224d81a907a322b8ef8a173a71d37c37d/original.jpg?1694442192
Cash looking for upside$250,000Paul Hakim, CCIM #140Cash14070 Proton Road, Farmers Branch, TX 75244Benefits to New Owner: Benefits Sought: A fairly priced property with significant upside. Will also partner. Motivation: I enjoy solving problems and enjoy a challenge Can Add: Skin and expertise Remarks: Owner: Paul Hakimhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18848247/032f326cbe6955cf299c1fc820182cceb8832b8c/original.jpeg?1694442456
Mixed Use Cash Cow$1,350,000Paul Hakim, CCIM #140Mixed Use1112 Morton Blvd, Kingston, NY 1240113,200 SFBenefits to New Owner: Animal Clinic has 4 years left on lease, has been there for 11 years and has just invested another $350k into new operating room. They will expand if space comes available. Apartments are newly renovated and always full. Benefits Sought: Move equity to new project with upside Motivation: Have very stablecash flow - so looking for upside Can Add: Other free and clear land parcels and cash in the book Remarks: This is a good cash flowing leg for someones transaction. Owner: SPM Associates LLC
Tampa - Recently Approved 330 Unit Apartment Complex$11,000,000Paul Hakim, CCIM #140Multifamily1112 Us Highway 19, Holiday, FL 34691Benefits to New Owner: Shovel Ready in growth market outside of Tampa. QDC directly to the North and West. Perfect for Workforce Housing Benefits Sought: Not Developers. Will look at larger passive deals. Can add cash. Motivation: Was in contract to sell the land for $11M upon entitlements. Buyer was unable to perform and walked from his deposit. Can Add: Can also add Adjacent 1.25 Acre Lit Corner Lot. Remarks: This has not yet been marketed. Contract was broken late August. Owner: Jean Family Trust
MEDICAL OFFICE$3,300,000Phillip GravesOffice1810 E 15th St, Tulsa, OK 7410412,134 SFBenefits to New Owner: Can take 1031, will replace debt, own a stabilized medical office Benefits Sought: Will take in your property(s) as a down payment. Motivation: High Can Add: Can add a signature for your deal. Remarks: Will take anything that makes sense as a down payment to move this property. Send us offers and let us say no. Owner: 1810 E 15th Land Trust
148 Acres Kansas City, KS LandSubject To OfferPierre HeidrichLand4301 North 47th Street, Kansas City, KS 66104148 AcresBenefits to New Owner: Path of Progress Value upside (zoning change from Ag to Industrial) Adjacent to Railroad tracks Timber value Benefits Sought: cash or property Motivation: They have owned for quite several years and are now looking to take the equity and acquire cash flowing property. Can Add: Owner is securing access easements to secure 4 entry points to the property. Remarks: Owner is securing access easements to secure 4 entry points to the property. I'm willing to stay in the deal to help guide it through the rezoning process and marketing of the property once rezoned as Industrial. Owner:
This is a want for a large value add syndicator.Subject To OfferRobert H. Zink #193MultifamilyAddress Not Disclosed, Farmers Branch, TX Benefits to New Owner: Benefits Sought: This is a want for large distressed multifamily projects in fast-growing markets. Motivation: Projects with management, occupancy , financing, and or physical issues. Can Add: Cash, talent, track record. Remarks: Looking for value add multi-family projects in fast growing markets. 10-30 million in size. Owner: Carson Halley
WantSubject To OfferRobert H. Zink #193MultifamilyAddress Not Disclosed, Farmers Branch, TX Benefits to New Owner: Benefits Sought: Client is looking for value add multifamily projects in fast growing markets. Motivation: Profit for fixing a problem or problems. Can Add: Cash, talent, credit, track record Remarks: Owner: Carson Halley
1033 CashSubject To OfferRonald J. Bowden, CCIM #109CashAddress Not Disclosed, Farmers Branch, TX Benefits to New Owner: Cash for deal. Benefits Sought: Defer capital gain tax utilizing IRS Code 1033. Motivation: Getting higher Can Add: Remarks: Very capable, seasoned real estate investor. Owner: Family LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18851279/a0fb40f4563ecc22da1ab2f0fe8cae980a829cff/original.jpeg?1694445227
Multi-Family Development Investment OpportunitySubject To OfferSam RayMultifamily3042 Hikes Ln, Louisville, KY 40220Benefits to New Owner: Accruing Preferred Return during Construction. 100% of cash flow until capital returned then 50/50 split after return of capital. Big tax benefits with Cost Segregation. Benefits Sought: Motivation: Can Add: Remarks: Owner: LDG Developmenthttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18851546/b0515b14a43493b1f544fbfa815f190bfc7d562a/original.png?1694445511
Townline Road Commercial Site$75,000Sam RayLandTownline Road, Cheboygan, MI 49721Benefits to New Owner: Benefits Sought: Cash out. Move up. Use as Down payment on larger property Motivation: Can Add: Remarks: Owner: Intercostal Holdings Group
16 Acres Land - residential, industrial, storage, parking$280,000Spencer SchlepLand5721 Ellington Rd, Quincy, IL 6230516 AcresBenefits to New Owner: Can farm, develop for residential (1-8 homes) or cover with gravel for industrial outdoor storage. $1.40 / foot for 8"" gravel. Plus fence & gate. Seller will JV, lease or Buy back. Path of progress. Great home site now or in the future. Benefits Sought: Sell outright, exchange equity for residential, sell option, JV development. Motivation: Note coming due. Need to go to cash to build residential. Or sell option for same. Bought it right, need to move it if I am not developing it. Can Add: duplexes, sfr, some land. To Be Built Small home package. Remarks: path of progress. Land sold for $30,000 / acre at recent auction. Desirable because there is no zoning but it is close to town, interstate etc. Can be divided. Owner: 217 Holdings, llchttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18852112/115c898bdf552967600ccb0f63ea523f730e87b6/original.png?1694446064
9 Unit Multi-Fam in Branson West, MO$300,000Spencer SchlepMultifamily27 Notch Shopping Center Lane, Branson West, MO 65737Benefits to New Owner: Value-add in progress. Take over after 1,2 floors or the whole project is complete. Management lined up. Lack of workforce housing in the market. Studio's are renting for $700 next door. Great year-round, midwest, vacation destination. Benefits Sought: Trade up Motivation: We can jump out at any point now that the project is underway. We can hand off with contractors & management in place. We can complete and sell when stable. Would be a buyer with this at stabilized numbers. Can Add: duplexes, sfr's, cash. Remarks: Good partner, good project. Like to add cash to this and go up. Owner: MO Reed Springs 76 Land Trus.https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18852392/21abb17dfeb2d6c244cdc5c7ac4a562b2d9efc03/original.jpg?1694446357
3/1.5 SFR Rental - selling option$110,000Spencer SchlepLand1314 North 10th Street, Quincy, IL 62301Benefits to New Owner: Cashflow, no management. Option to buy after 3 years for $80,000, for $20,000. Buyback for $30,000. Benefits Sought: Create cash to build. Motivation: Building new construction to rent. Can Add: duplex, quad, land. Remarks: Good, updated rental in a tight market. Would go to cash quick under $100,000 in the current market. Owner: Spencer Schelp
Small Income Portfolio$1,100,000Spencer SchlepMultifamily1314 South 10th Street, Quincy, IL 62301Benefits to New Owner: Stable rental portfolio in flyover country. Professional management. All assets within 15 minutes of owner. Benefits Sought: Buyer with equity. Looking for something to force appreciation. Motivation: Stable portfolio, time to pyramid. Can Add: more rentals. land. small home 'to be built' package. Remarks: Solid portfolio, under rented, over managed, lots of room to optimize and increase cash-flow. Owner: US Property Holdings.https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18852895/d4e5ebc96bea923fb8e2ee0c52dc760b2beee9b6/original.jpg?1694446928
Hard Money for Value Add portfolio$80,000Spencer SchlepMultifamilyAddress Not Disclosed, Farmers Branch, TX Benefits to New Owner: Lot's of protective equity. Proven operator. Rinsing & repeating. Benefits Sought: $100-200k for 12 months. Motivation: Hard money to improve & then refi with local bank. Fixing to rent and hold. Can repeat if terms are favorable. Can Add: Some F/C rentals. Land. Remarks: Great homes & a duplex. Have a solid crew working now that can bang these out in a month or two. Need to make hay while the sun is shining. Owner: US Property Holdings
TROPHY RETAIL CENTER WITH NATIONAL TENANTS AND 98% OCCUPANCY$23,252,000Steve Fithian, CCIM, CPA #134Retail2025 Yale St, Corpus Christi, TX 78416167,490 SFBenefits to New Owner: Strong historical occupancy. Consistent cash flow. The anchor tenants have recently renewed their leases. Annual bumps in the leases. Best location in town. Well maintained center. High Quality Management in place. Pending lease for 2,360 sq ft is in legal review. This would take the occupancy to 99%. Benefits Sought: Down and out. There are 33 partners so it is difficult to be very creative. The Manager would consider staying in the deal. The Manager owns 6% of the deal. Motivation: The ownership had planned a 7-year hold which also coincides with the ability to pay off the loan without defeasance. The timing is right and per our business plan to exit the investment. Can Add: Manager/Broker can provide management. Manager has successfully managed the asset for 7 years including through Covid. The Manager has negotiated multiple renewals of National, Regional and local tenants maintaining in excess of 97% occupancy for 7 years. Remarks: Western Crossing enjoys a dominant retail location in the heart of eastern Amarillo along Interstate 40, a regional interstate connecting Amarillo to Oklahoma City and Albuquerque. The property is located on the frontage road with unmatched exposure to 84,000 vehicles per day. The property is less than 3 miles from downtown Amarillo and benefits from a super-regional trade area spanning across the Texas Panhandle. Owner: Western Crossing Retail Center, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18853072/640a285ff71249b6aaf8dee3029ab2a90c471f63/original.jpg?1694447447
Bar/Lounge or Redevolopment OpportunitySubject To OfferTheresa MuellerRetail7905 Lincoln Highway, Frankfort, IL 60423Benefits to New Owner: * High traffic count Route 30 * Grandfathered gaming with $$$ revenue * Adaptable Floor Plan * Flexible use - C2 Zoning * Redevelopment potential * Sizable lot * Flex terms * Possible seller financing * Can add other properties Benefits Sought: Motivation: Retiring Can Add: 7818 Lincoln highway also in books Remarks: Closed during COVID and hasn't reopened... Motivated Owner: https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18853142/a638668a5e29dce60b42b1722ddbc9be4ccbb153/original.png?1694447772
Retail NW Chicago$400,000Theresa MuellerRetail4518 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 606302,100 SFBenefits to New Owner: * High Traffic Laurence Road * On-Site and Street Parking * Near Expressways and O'Hare Airport * MTM tenant will stay * Possible seller financing Benefits Sought: Motivation: Retiring Can Add: Remarks: Owner: https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18853187/b84660c96a06026402c5fe77c44cb5e9c6335591/original.jpg?1694447966
Turn Key Bar/Restaurant/Gaming$1,000,000Theresa MuellerRetail7818 Lincoln Highway, Frankfort, IL 604234,700 SFBenefits to New Owner: * High traffic count Route 30 * Established turn-key business * Grandfathered gaming with $$$ revenue * Adaptable Floor Plan * Flexible use - C2 Zoning * Redevelopment potential * Sizable lot * Flex terms * Possible seller financing * Can add more properties Benefits Sought: Motivation: Retiring Can Add: Has another property also listed in book 7905 W Lincoln Highway, Frankfort. Possible other residential rentals. Remarks: Numbers are from 2021. Has potential to make much more income especially with recent restaurant add and owner has been absent due to wife passing, illness, etc. Owner: https://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18853260/436a2e4229b8338aeea2b4d955e19fedf01c58d4/original.png?1694448277
Sunrise Village Subdivision$1,045,000Tim HouseLandGrace Vigil Road Southwest, Albuquerque, NM 87121Benefits to New Owner: 20+ acre parcel that has been approved for 95 residential lots. The design has been approved, a new ALTA survey performed, initial engineering for traffic and public works and a water availability letter from water authority. No Plat filed. The property is in a growing, high demand area for low-mid range housing. New major retail development, new schools. Benefits Sought: Cash. Disposition to settle estate. Motivation: Relatively high Can Add: Possible seller financing to enable development Remarks: Owner: Evergreen Southwest Mesa, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18853815/c7f9e86ef96e9108c3e922c58d5f54f70efdb20c/original.png?1694449861
Confidential Equipment Rental Business$3,200,000Tim HouseRetailAddress Not Disclosed, Farmers Branch, TX Benefits to New Owner: Ability to purchase a well established positive cash flowing business with high profile repeat customers. Real estate is offered separately and can be leased as well. Benefits Sought: Owners ready to retire. Proceeds used for cash flowing investment and to partially distribute to family members. Motivation: Very high for one of the owners. Can Add: Remarks: May consider a property in Texas hill country as partial exchange. Owner: Confidential
Repeat Investor Client$3,000,000Tim HouseCashAddress Not Disclosed, Farmers Branch, TX Benefits to New Owner: Strong balance sheet, experienced buyer Benefits Sought: Looking for income property. Retail, small industrial or multifamily with value add component. Motivation: Cash is sitting in a checking account. Can Add: More cash and leverage. Remarks: Owner: Wyndchase, LLChttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18853896/05873b628fa3bfb09348d4632b5a90550a1a1058/original.jpeg?1694450156
Mansion Office Building$2,250,000Tony StefaterOffice1347-1355 S Third St, Louisville, KY 40204Benefits to New Owner: Up side in rental and operating income from new bed and breakfast and proper management , Benefits Sought: owners are ready to retire Motivation: They have had this on the market for to long and are ready to move on. Can Add: They're willing to carry back a second, or put funds into your project Remarks: Beautiful buildings in historic area close to down town with large off street parking lot adjacent to the building. Owner: Bill Gilbert and Dale Strange
Interstate Development Land - No Zoning - All Utilities$6,874,000Wesley OdleLandInterstate 64, Leavenworth, IN 4713798.2 AcresBenefits to New Owner: NO Zoning - All Utilities - Shovel Ready - Great Exposure - Great Access - Possible Finance, Joint Venture, Exchange Benefits Sought: Move investment to income producing assets and personal use properties. Motivation: Medium motivation. Creative Seller willing to consider all opportunities. Can Add: $400K note on other commercial investment. Remarks: Open to All types of development. Creative Seller. Joint Venture potential. Owner: MJB Propertieshttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18854113/f02d3a0a4d93da972c54f35af38b216969a48f88/original.jpg?1694450939
271 ACRE WILDLIFE RETREAT$2,250,000Wesley OdleLand5980 Kentucky 389, Turners Station, KY 40075271 AcresBenefits to New Owner: Divisible, Seller Finance, Joint Venture, Business Opportunities Benefits Sought: Seller looking to retire. Motivation: Seller wants to retire, but willing to joint venture on business opportunities. Can Add: Remarks: Hunting, Fishing, Outdoor Adventures, Fertilizer production. Owner: Lazarhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18854188/23040d2f596aee7ddf61eaf498dd8dd5f3155502/original.png?1694451128
Interstate Hotel & Land 5.17 Acres$800,000Wesley OdleHospitality6908 Indiana 66, Leavenworth, IN 47137Benefits to New Owner: Upside with completion of development. Land for additional uses. Seller JV, finance. Benefits Sought: Free up investment and time for other projects. Get off debt. Motivation: Highly motivated with no time to finish project. Relocating. Can Add: 1- Red Carpet Inn located on I-65. 2- Commercial 20K feet in Clarksville Indiana. Remarks: Great location on I-64 about 34 miles west of Louisville. Over 5 Acres with No Zoning Owner: CFreehttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18854221/34577b0857c1338b00c682108fc67ddb57cd7e67/original.jpg?1694451367
SMALL WAREHOUSE & LAND$249,000Wesley OdleSpecial Purpose13708 Indiana 60, Borden, IN 47106Benefits to New Owner: Great small contractor property with 3 Overhead doors and over an acre of land. Benefits Sought: Retire and reduce commitments. Motivation: Seller wanting to reduce labor commitments of property management. Can Add: Remarks: Great corner location with updates. Owner: Odlehttps://s3.amazonaws.com/buildout-production/datas/18854259/2824ebeb0abe67e1a8246efeaa556fdaaea42c45/original.jpg?1694451627
LAND AS OPTION MONEY$125,000Blake Allen #301LandErnest Drive, Forest Park, GA 30297Benefits to New Owner: Hold, build, sell, or trade. Have not been marketed locally for many years. Benefits Sought: I would like to trade this for paper or property, or I would give this to you as option money toward the master lease and purchase of your property. I have owned this a long time, and all I do is pay taxes on it--I would like to activate that equity, or to sell it for cash at a discount. Motivation: Not hurting me, but I don't need it. Can Add: Sale/leaseback/buyback deals, Notes, small income property, small MHP, commercial redevelopment project, more land, houses, cash. Remarks: I am a Buyer with this piece of land and whatever else it takes to make a deal. Owner: Blake Allen

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